What should you watch out for when using a load cell to test corn bulk density?

In the quality inspection of food wheat, maize, a common test items moisture detection, detection density, wherein the moisture can be detected using grain moisture analyzer, bulk density detection may be measured using the density filter. The container weight device is also called grain container, grain container, corn and wheat container. Here's an example of how corn bulk density is measured. How do you use a load cell to get accurate corn bulk density measurements? What should you watch out for when weighing the weight of corn?

Grain Container

China has a vast area. The geographical differences, varieties, and differences in planting seasons of corn planting will lead to different weight densities. In order to accurately determine the bulk density of corn, the use of a bulkhead to determine the bulk density of corn is the most ideal way. In general, the results of the measurement of weights, in addition to the stability of the instrument itself, are also related to the operation of the correct specifications, so in order to obtain accurate test results, during the determination process, you should pay attention to choose the appropriate cereal tube The grain drum requires clean and free of debris. Before use, zero-loading is required. When the sample is full, it can only be leveled. It cannot be pressed, and the required speed is appropriate for pulling out the insert.

The above are some matters that should be noticed when the bulkhead weight is used to test the corn bulk density. To ensure the authenticity of the measurement results, the operator should be familiar with the measurement method of the bulkhead before the operation to ensure the operation according to the specification. In addition, you can use the load cell to measure the results several times and average them. This can reduce the measurement error to some extent. If the gravimetric method is used to measure the bulk density of corn, then it should be noted that the corn sample should be placed into the measuring cylinder at a uniform rate. When it is near 1000 ml, it is necessary to place the sample a few times until the total sample volume is adjusted to the mark.

At present, the load-bearing device is widely used in the acquisition, storage, transportation, processing, and sales of commercial corn. It is also commonly used in the determination of the bulk density of seeds and plays an important role in the quality inspection of grain and seeds. It is an evaluation of modern agriculture. Good helper for grain and seed quality.

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