·The BMW 7 Series Gasoline will be discontinued in Europe for 1 year due to non-compliance

According to foreign media reports on March 20, BMW announced on the official blog that the flagship 7-series car will not be in compliance with the new European light vehicle emission regulations, the car will be discontinued in Europe for one year. It is reported that the vehicle that was discontinued only includes petrol vehicles, and diesel vehicles that are recognized as one of the sources of pollution will not be affected.
According to reports, the globally unified Light Vehicle Emissions Test Procedure (WLTP) to be implemented in 2017 is the direct cause of BMW's suspension. This new emissions test enables more accurate measurement of vehicle exhaust emissions. The previously common measurement system was the new European standard driving cycle. The system was developed in the 1980s and uses theoretical emissions projections. But WLTP measures the reality of the car, including acceleration, braking and the car's emissions at different speeds.
To comply with the regulations, the BMW 7 Series petrol version must be equipped with an Otto particle filter to control the emission of pollutants and carbon dioxide. Installing it in a narrow exhaust system is not a simple process. According to related reports, the BMW M3 will be discontinued in August this year for the same reason, until the launch of the new model in 2020.

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