Advanced phosphorus chemical technology is committed to breaking through the current bottleneck in the development of China's phosphorus chemical industry

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At the kick-off meeting of the Synergy Innovation Alliance of Advanced Phosphorus Chemical Technology and Equipment held at Sichuan University, some universities, enterprises, and industry associations jointly determined the goals of phosphorus chemical technology. The goal is: In the next 10 years, China will form 100 kinds of key technologies for phosphorus chemistry in the three major directions, leading the phosphor chemical industry to high-end development.

In order to solve the technical problems related to phosphorous chemicals, some universities, enterprises, and industry associations will deepen cooperation and set up a coalition for advanced phosphorus chemical technology and equipment. The alliance will focus on solving basic, forward-looking, and strategic issues concerning the scientific development of the phosphorus chemical industry. It will study key technologies for the use of middle- and low-grade phosphate rock and associated resources, key technologies for phosphoric acid refining and high-purity phosphorus chemicals, and waste resources. The use of key technologies with the recycling economy as the three main directions.

Liang Bin, Dean of the Sichuan University’s School of Chemical Engineering, introduced that the establishment of the Advanced Phosphorus Chemical Technology and Equipment Collaborative Innovation Alliance will help establish a pilot-scale platform for the key technologies for collaborative innovation in the phosphate chemical industry and improve the full range of engineering technologies for low- and middle-grade phosphate rock. Solve a series of major issues such as the research of fine-phosphorus chemical industry and high-purity phosphorus chemical products.

In the next 10 years, the Advanced Phosphorus Chemical Technology and Equipment Collaborative Innovation Alliance will strive to break the bottleneck that currently restricts the development of China's phosphate chemical industry, form key technologies, core technologies, and common technologies with circular economy, and focus on mastering 100 kinds of new phosphorus chemical products. Key technologies.

In addition, the Advanced Phosphorus Chemical Technology and Equipment Collaborative Innovation Alliance will organize innovative teams to explore the scientific research organization model of school-school collaboration, school-enterprise collaboration, and international collaboration, build a collaborative innovation chain, and establish a world-class phosphate chemical collaborative innovation capability demonstration base. .

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