Related introduction of mobile stage car

The mobile stage car is a new type of vehicle. It often appears in places such as parks, shopping malls, or in front of residential areas. Through its convenient and vigorous body, it brings joy and convenience to all of us. The mobile stage car is an instr[…]

Industrial Concept Robot Series

At the China (Luoyang) International Robotics and Intelligent Equipment Exhibition, the concept robots introduced by CITIC Heavy Industries Inc. included heavy-duty mill-replacement robots, Internet coffee robots, and natural light apple sorting robots, attracting many visitors to experien[…]

The main structure of the field shower car

The good state of the soldiers during the march to fight can be a plus for the victory, especially influenced by the modernization process. The current military professional vehicles providing logistic services in the troops are becoming more and more sophi[…]

Guosi Dongfeng Most Lika Road Sweeper CSC5082TSL4 Sweep…

Guosi Dongfeng Most Lika sweeping vehicle chassis model: DFA1080SJ12D3 Engine model: CY4102-CE4C Engine power: 91KW Dimensions: 7160*2200*2750MM Working width: 3M Intake particle size: φ120mm. Water tank capacity: 2.5m3 Garbage bin volume: 4.5m3 Maximum working capacity: 15000m2/h-60000m2/h[…]

Study on the effect of photosynthetically active radiat…

Ginkgo biloba is known as the living fossil of the plant kingdom because it is one of the oldest existing seed plants. Many people know that ginkgo biloba has medicinal value and can be eaten directly. In fact, ginkgo leaf has strong medicinal value. In particular, the content of flavono[…]

Two consecutive sessions on the internationalization of…

The 66th Hannover Commercial Vehicle Show in Germany is underway. As the world's largest commercial vehicle event, IAA Motor Show brings together major domestic and foreign manufacturers. At the exhibition, we conducted an exclusive interview with Han Li, deputy general manager of Dongfeng Aut[…]

Land Rover Range Rover family or expansion

Comprehensive foreign reports, Jaguar Land Rover recently submitted a number of trademark registration applications, including Jaguar's I-Pace and I-TYPE, and Land Rover's Velar. Jaguar's two new trademarks or for its first electric vehicle products. The British Autocar and Au[…]