Phone locker FAQ

Nowadays, with the acceleration of the pace of life, we are relying more and more on some convenient facilities. The mobile phone locker is one of them. It can help us to store mobile phones during our fitness, sports, meetings, etc. And other electronic items, but although most consumers have use[…]

GS lubricants set new targets and is expected to be amo…

On March 9, 2018, the annual GS Lubricants Lubricants Dealership of the well-known Korean brand was held in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province. Representatives of GS lubricant distributors from all over the country gathered in the “City of 100 Islands” to participate in the annual gather[…]

Baoding BD80W-8 multi-purpose wheel excavator grab wood…

Baoding BD80W-8 Grabber display: Baoding BD80W-8 wood catcher Grasping machine features: Powerful, energy-saving and environmentally friendly: Baoding's new 80-wheel wood grabber adopts a domestically-renowned brand engine, meets national emission standards, and is equipped with turbocharger[…]

Your motivation is in Fukang. This time we will explore…

In ten years, one person is enough to learn everything from tooth decay to quips; enough for a family to get in touch with each other; enough for an industry to grow from scratch, from small to big, but not enough to write a company's brilliant and journey. Since the establishment of Foto[…]

Domestic phosphate ore dressing process

Industrial processing requirements on the quality of phosphate rock Phosphate ore has three processing methods, namely mechanical, acid and thermal processing. At home and abroad, the acid processing is the main method. 1. Machining: The phosphate rock is ground into phosphate rock powder and use[…]

Beneficiation Process of Lead Oxide Ore (3)

3 selection and metallurgy joint process Smelt joint process is to flotation and metallurgical process of combining the advantages of a sorting process. For some complex oxidized ore containing calcium, magnesium , silicon, etc., it is difficult to recycle using a single flotation method, and the[…]

LED packaging industry: a super multi-strong pattern fo…

Up to now, the LED industry has become a certain trillion-dollar market. Regardless of the top-level design of the government or the industry practitioners, the LED industry is optimistic about the rapid development of the industry in the next two or three years. First of all, the LED industry penet[…]