Jiangdu District: Popularization of drying equipment to…

Since the beginning of this year, Jiangdu District has focused on key shortcomings in the mechanization of grain production, focused on the construction of drying capacity, guided towns to actively implement incentive support policies, and assisted scale operating entities to implement drying ware[…]

Increasing competition, how do vault companies attract …

The competition in China's vault doors is constantly rising, and some companies are trying to win customers’ attention with some means in such an environment. For example, price cuts and discounts are the things we see in building factories and are the most common tactics used by compani[…]

How to design the chimney aviation obstruction light

How to design and install aviation obstruction lights for low or ultra-high chimneys? - Shenzhen Reebok Technology Editor. First, why do you need to set up a chimney to install aviation obstruction lights or apply aviation obstacles? In order to ensure the flight safety of aviation aircraft (most[…]

Overview of installation methods for fire extinguishing…

The pressure relief vent in the protective zone of gas fire extinguishing system refers to the device that automatically opens and releases pressure when the pressure value in the protective zone reaches the specified value when the extinguishing agent in the gas fire extinguishing system is spraye[…]

What should be the width of the fire truck?

At the beginning of the year, Xiao Bian saw a piece of news that introduced: "Fire engines cannot come in! If a fire burns a newly renovated new house, who is going to lose?" One due to the width and the road of the fire truck The wide problem has[…]

Main features of axis transporter

Axis car mainly consists of flat grid box girder frame, hydraulic suspension, axle, steering rod system, hydraulic system, air brake system, power unit and other components. It has adjustable height of cargo bed, even axle load, and turning radius. Small, reversing convenience and other advantages.[…]

Shandong's first large-diameter metro tunnel shield…

A few days ago, the “Opening No. 1” shield machine designed and manufactured by Jinan Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. successfully completed the assembly and commissioning. It is expected that it will be accepted on the next line on May 18. This is the first large-diameter metro tunnel shiel[…]