January 18 Nanchang Steel Market Price Quotes

The price of the product name is higher than the previous month's last month's high line Φ6.5mm Q235 Pinggang 4460 -10 -120 -250 High-line Φ8mm Q235 Pinggang 4460 -10 -120 -250 High-line Φ10mm Q335 Pinggang 4460 -10 -120 -250 High Line Φ6.5mm Q235 E Steel 4460 -10 -120 -250 Hig[…]

February 29 Shanghai Steel Market Price Quotes

The product name specification material steel factory/origin price (yuan/ton) is Φ6.5mm higher than yesterday's last week than the previous month General line Φ6.5mm Q235 Handan 4900 50 100 620 General line Φ6.5mm Q235 Jiuquan 4900 50 100 620 High line Φ6.5mm Q235 Pinggang 4960 60[…]

Jacuzzi massage pump purchase

(1) fully enclosed motor: a fully enclosed motor, leak-proof, good moisture resistance. (2) Mute: Minimal vibration and noise, no low-frequency noise of the ordinary jacuzzi pump and obvious noise of the pump, meanwhile, it has the function of draining water automatically in the pump. (3) Power s[…]

Tanker "leak" aldehyde detonation detonation …

In order to ensure the fire safety during the "two sessions" in the country, a good fire safety environment was created for the smooth convening of the "two sessions." On the morning of March 6, Chongqing Changshou Fire Fighting Brigade carried out a simulation drill of a chemica[…]

February 29 Beijing Steel Market Price Quotes

Product Name Specification Material Steel Factory/Origin Price Today (yuan/ton) Yesterday Price (yuan/ton) Change (yuan/ton) High-line φ6.5-12mm Q235 Shougang 4930-4970 4890-4940 Up 40 High-line φ6.5 -12mm Q235 Tangshan Steel 4930-4970 4890-4940 up 40 high line φ6.5-12mm Q235 Xuanhuan[…]

"Stalks change treasure" technology without &…

At the time of harvest, the smoke from the burning of the straw in the city is always miserable, but at present this problem is expected to be alleviated. Through four years of research, researchers from Suzhou Zhongneng Technology Co., Ltd. have produced biomass alcohol, xylitol, pulp, organic fert[…]

Baosteel, SAIC and Donghua Signed Mould Project Coopera…

Voices of the Straits Online Sea Station March 1st (Reporter Cheng Juanjuan) On February 28, Baosteel Group, SAIC Group and Donghua Company signed a cooperation agreement on mold projects in Nanjing, and recapitalized Nanjing Nanchang Mould Equipment Co., Ltd. This move shows that China’s m[…]