Preparation of nanometer cuprous oxide by microwave ass…

Cuprous oxide is higher than the value A copper sulfate-based salts, widely used in the coatings industry, glass industry, agriculture and the like. In recent years, with the ultra-fine and high purity of cuprous oxide, its application value has been greatly improved. The Cu 2 O particle diameter o[…]

Design of brown ore and black gold ore dressing plant

Lisong yttrium niobium ore beneficiation plant brown The Lisong Brown Mine is located in the northeast of He County, Guangxi Province. The system consists of a brown castor granite weathering crust deposit and an alluvial sand deposit. According to the degree of weathering, weathering crust deposi[…]

What types of mine survey drawings are there?

There are many types of mine surveying and mapping, which are roughly as follows: First, the basic mine survey map open air: (1) Basic terrain of the mining area, 1:500~1:2000; (2) Floor plan of stripping and stripping project: 1:200~1:1000. underground: (1) Basic topographic map of[…]

Application of NSK Bearing in Mining Machinery

Rolling dust, bumpy tunnels, sewage, low-speed operation, and heavy loads... These are the most common operating environments in the mine, challenging the normal operation of mining equipment. How to reduce unplanned downtime and how to improve the performance of mining equipment has always been a […]

Filter press (1)

(1) Automatic filter press The conventional filter press is manual, manual discharge, intermittent production, long filtration cycle, low productivity, heavy equipment, and labor intensity. With the development of modern industry, new automatic filter presses have been introduced. The structure of[…]

Hard handle

Rich slag refining head is hard product which is composed mainly of tin and iron, and some more containing arsenic, the hard head factory output composition shown in Table in . Hard component of some factories item   Head hard      head      to make    Â[…]

Picking theory (4)

In a radio resonance method (conductance-magnetic method), a component (coil or capacitor) that generates an alternating electromagnetic field can simultaneously be a component that detects changes in an electromagnetic field; or two components, one for generating an electromagnetic field, The ot[…]