How to keep all kinds of dangerous chemicals?

How to keep all kinds of dangerous chemicals?

A: The key points for the storage of dangerous chemicals are as follows:

(1) Substances that are explosive or decomposed and are prone to form an explosive mixture, such as picric acid, various explosive compounds, nitrates, nitrites, citrates, persalts, etc., should be stored in a refractory warehouse, and at the same time

Stored together with other flammable materials.

(2) Compressed gases, such as ammonia, acetylene, methane, hydrogen sulfide and other inflammable and explosive gas cylinders can not be stored together with other substances, should be placed separately in the refractory warehouse or outside the pergola where the sun can not be illuminated. A cylinder containing a combustion gas such as hydrogen or oxygen cannot be placed together with an easily oxidizable substance (the oxygen will violently oxidize and explode when it encounters grease). In addition, storage gas cylinders are subject to periodic inspections.

⑶ readily spontaneously combustible materials, such as metal potassium, sodium, calcium, aluminum powder and zinc powder, calcium carbide, peroxides, white phosphorus, yellow phosphorus, sodium, phosphorus, calcium compound, and not flammable materials in Together, it should be stored in a warehouse of durable fire materials.

(4) Highly toxic substances, such as cyanide, cyanate, arsenic (}a0}), mercury , fluoride, organic alkali, etc., must be kept separately from other substances in a dedicated locked room, and the number of transmission and reception is strictly counted.

⑸ cause other flammable substances pyrophoric substances, such as concentrated sulfuric acid, concentrated nitric acid, Ming, potassium permanganate, chromic acid and the like drunk, must be separated from other chemicals, nor cotton material, hemp, carbon black, charcoal, etc. coexist.

Fire readily ⑹ liquid substances, such as acetone, gasoline, alcohol, benzene, kerosene, ethers, etc., must be kept separately in a warehouse with a refractory other flammable substances.

⑺ easy to fire solid material, such as Cai, camphor, red phosphorus, celluloid and the like, must be separated from all types of combustibles storage warehouse or in a refractory container in the basement or in another hidden large iron barrel capped.

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