Prevention of poisoning and asphyxiation accidents in metal non-metallic mines

Metal and nonmetal mine major accidents occur frequently, 2006 December 1 to 19, the country's metal and nonmetal mines have been 10 major accidents occurred, the death of 40 people. Especially in less than 10 days, there were 3 poisoning suffocation accidents, 12 deaths and 2 injuries. These accidents are: Simao City, Yunnan Province Jiangcheng County, Yunnan Lancang Lead Mine Co., poisoning, suffocation accident River City Matsuyama forest lead zinc ore. The company is a state-owned holding company with a variety of licenses. On December 11th, under the condition that the local fan was not started to ventilate, the illegally entered the blind vertical well to measure the footage and blindly rescued, causing three deaths and one injured.

Gun poisoning accident of Yuanyang County Gold Co., Ltd., Honghe Prefecture, Yunnan Province. The company is a state-owned holding company with a variety of licenses and natural ventilation. At 17 o'clock on the 17th of December, after the shooting of the 800-pit exploration well in the West Mining Area was completed, a miner entered the work surface without authorization to start the ventilation, resulting in poisoning. The miners who came to the rescue then took the risk of rescue and caused many people to be poisoned. A total of four people were killed and one was injured.

Gun poisoning accident in Xiqiao Town Group Long Industrial Co., Ltd., Karachiqi, Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The company is a company that produces wild wines, without legal licenses such as exploration licenses, mining licenses, and safety production licenses, and illegally exploiting mineral resources. On December 19, in the absence of ventilation of the local fan, the blind shaft after the shooting was illegally entered and blindly rescued, causing five deaths.

Preliminary analysis, these accidents are caused by illegal operations or illegal production, reflecting some metal non-metallic mining enterprises ignoring national laws, regulations and standards, illegal mining, illegal command, illegal operation, no mechanical ventilation system, local The ventilation management is not good, the staff's emergency common sense is lacking, and the lessons are very profound. It is very important to strengthen management and prevent the work.

First, attach great importance to the ventilation management of the mine and mine, and improve the mine ventilation system. Each well mining enterprise must establish a mechanical ventilation system in accordance with relevant national laws and standards, install a main fan that meets the requirements, and ensure that the downhole air volume, wind speed and air quality of the workplace meet the specified requirements. For the temporary use of natural ventilation, it can only be limited to small non-biogas mines, and must be confirmed by professional technical service agencies, natural ventilation can meet the requirements of the regulations. Local ventilation equipment shall be installed in the excavation working face and the poorly-ventilated stope. The local fan shall not be stopped at will, and the diffusion ventilation shall not be adopted. Strict blasting ventilation management must be carried out after the toxic and harmful gases are diluted to the allowable concentration. Local safety supervision departments and various mine mining enterprises must raise their awareness of the importance of mine ventilation, strengthen supervision and inspection, and vigorously implement mechanical ventilation; increase investment, improve facilities, strengthen ventilation management, and focus on mine ventilation as a major event. .

Second, promptly carry out special inspection of mine ventilation. Each well mining enterprise shall immediately carry out a systematic self-examination and self-correction of the mine ventilation system and ventilation management system in accordance with the requirements of the "Safety Regulations for Metallic Non-Metallic Mines" and other standards. Local safety supervision departments shall conduct special inspections on self-inspection of enterprises before the end of the year and the first quarter of next year, and focus on checking the establishment and operation of mechanical ventilation systems and the management of local ventilation. For mines that have not established a mechanical ventilation system, they must be rectified within a time limit. If they are not rectified within the time limit, they must temporarily suspend the safety production license and issue a notice of suspension of production and rectification.

Third, deepen the special rectification of metal non-metallic mines. Local safety supervision departments should strengthen cooperation with the land and resources departments, actively participate in the rectification and regulation of mineral resources mining order, resolutely crack down on illegal activities such as unlicensed mining, mining and exploration, and indiscriminate mining; strengthen monitoring of key areas. Promote mechanical ventilation as an important part of remediation and improve the overall level of metal non-metallic mines.

Fourth, strengthen staff emergency education and training. All underground mining enterprises should focus on serious accidents such as poisoning asphyxiation accidents, roof accidents, water permeable accidents, etc., and strengthen the training of employees' safety awareness education and emergency skills, so that miners are familiar with basic life-saving escape methods, common accident handling measures and workplaces. The escape route improves the on-site emergency response capability of employees.

5. Serious accident investigation and handling. For major accidents that have occurred, according to the principle of hierarchical management, the local safety supervision department must conscientiously identify the cause of the accident, seriously deal with the responsible personnel, publicly handle the results, urge the relevant enterprises to make inferences, and implement preventive measures to prevent similar accidents from happening again.

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