The first ultra-small milling machine in China! China Municipal Construction Maintenance Superman!

XM353 milling machine is an ultra-small multi-purpose milling machine in the family of XCMG "China Dragon" series milling machine. It is also the smallest size milling machine in China and it has been expected by a large number of users when it is never listed. After launch, it undoubtedly filled the gap in the domestic ultra-small milling machine industry. Although the sparrow is small and fully-equipped, the XM353 road milling machine of XCMG Road has many functions and configurations suitable for the Chinese market.

XCMG Ultra-Small XM353 Multipurpose Milling Machine

Different sizes of milling rotor

First of all it has a big heart. The machine is equipped with a 72Kw engine, strong enough power, high milling efficiency, can be used to mill 0-8cm asphalt pavement at one time, and can also meet the road cement picking operations. Second, the whole machine can also be equipped with different widths of the milling drum to meet a wide range of construction needs, can quickly replace the 350mm and 500mm width and its corresponding precision of the rotor; In addition, according to user needs to take 200mm-500mm other width of the milling rotor, to meet Construction requirements for special conditions. The automatic slow-rotation function of the milling drum not only reduces the working intensity of the cutter head on the daily inspection, but also avoids the worker's injury caused by the loss of control of the milling rotor. This function solves the greatest concern of the construction company in terms of personal safety accidents.

Functionality of XM353

Once again, as a municipal type milling machine, it is often used during nighttime construction in some bustling road sections and residential quarters. The sound-absorbing composite materials used in the engine room make the equipment noise much lower than the national standard, thus avoiding the noise nuisance caused by noise; and XCMG Road The technicians consider the frequent transfer of municipal construction, the high cost of traditional lifting and transportation, and the inconvenience of the inconvenience. They are equipped with small transshipment trailers for the Little Superman, which greatly facilitates the urban transshipment work and reduces the transfer costs.

Let's take a look at what kind of operating advantages our small superman has in the narrow and complex construction environment in the municipal engineering.


The appearance length of XM353 milling machine is also reduced by about 300mm compared with the smallest machine on the market at present; its small and exquisite figure makes the municipal construction extremely convenient and fast. In the construction of narrow lanes in slow lanes, it is possible to flexibly turn and turn around, and to easily deal with milling operations in all corners and corners. And it has the narrowest welting distance of the small milling machine in the same industry. This function can easily realize the hemming milling on the edge of the road griststone.


The entry and exit doors of some factories, warehouses, underground and above-ground parking lots in the city limits the length, width and height of the equipment. The XM353 Milling Machine's ultra-small appearance size meets the requirements of construction units in these workplaces.


The milling radius of the XM353 milling machine is only 130mm. When it is milled along the manhole cover, it does not require any extra operations, and milling of a manhole cover can be completed in 1 minute. It is solved a major problem of urban construction.


The whole machine is equipped with a hand-held hydraulic rake. For some dead places, it can also be broken quickly instead of using a milling machine. So, with an XM353 ultra-small milling machine, you can achieve all-round, dead-end milling.

XCMG Ultra-Small XM353 Multipurpose Milling Machine

Overview of the above characteristics, XC353 XM353 ultra-small multi-purpose milling machine is a superman in the construction of municipal operations, but in the future can not be a big helper of municipal units and construction companies can not leave.

Xiaobian said

This municipal small superman - XM353 road milling machine is a brand-new product developed by the customer and the market. It is a new generation of small milling machine after full market research and customer visits, after more than a year of research and development. "The compact body, flexible operation, easy maintenance, fast shipping" is its unique advantage! (This article is from Xugong Road)

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