Qingdao Shuangrui won the contract for the reform of ballast water for 24 operating vessels

On April 11, 2018, the 2018 Japan International Maritime Exhibition (SeaJapan) was held in Tokyo. Qingdao Shuangrui Company took the BalClor® ballast water management system to the maritime exhibition.

On the first day of SeaJapan, Qingdao Shuangrui signed a contract for the ballast water transformation of four operating ships with the shipowners in Tokyo, and signed a contract for the transformation of 20 operating ships with many ship owners in Imabari.

With the electrolysis ballast water treatment technology, Qingdao Shuangrui Company has always been in the international leading position in the field of ballast water treatment technology. After successfully obtaining the US Coast Guard Type Approval Certificate last year, the company continued to exert its strength. In March this year, it became the first Chinese ballast water manufacturer to receive the Japanese JG type approval certificate, and became the world on April 6. The first ballast water manufacturer to receive the new G8 and G9 type approval certificates from the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

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