The development trend of the automotive lighting market: the monopoly situation will eventually be broken

According to the bulletin issued by the National Bureau of Statistics, as of 2015, China’s car ownership has reached 163 million. In just 10 years, the sales of China's automobile aftermarket has increased from 88 billion yuan in 2005 to 800 billion yuan in 2015. The rapid and rapid development has filled this market with various opportunities. Snow Wright and Taiwan's Longda Electronics, Yiguang and other large enterprises have begun to set foot in the field of automotive lighting. LED automotive lighting market prospects show that the total number of LEDs for exterior lighting in 2015 reached 2.79 billion, and it is expected that there will be 3.67 billion in 2020, and the number of LED packages for far and near lights and position lights will grow. More than 15%, the number of LED modules in the headlamp module has the highest growth rate, with a compound annual growth rate of 23%. Nowadays, automotive lighting is transforming from the traditional lighting field to the emerging LED field, and the share of LED lighting for automobiles is also increasing year by year. It is predicted that the global automotive LED lighting market will reach 7 billion US dollars by 2020, with a compound annual growth rate of over 18%. LED automotive lighting development status Although China has become the world's largest automobile consumer market, more than half of the global automotive lighting market is monopolized by the two giants of Philips and Osram, and the core technology of automotive lighting is blocked. At present, due to the strict price requirements of the automotive lighting suppliers in the market, not only the technical threshold is high, but also the certification time is relatively long. In addition, LED companies' lack of in-depth understanding of automotive industry standards, manufacturing, process systems and imperfect test equipment configuration also restrict LED companies from entering this field. Therefore, there are not many LED companies involved in automobile lighting in China. Only Taiwanese companies such as Ronda and Everlight, as well as mainland enterprises such as Feile Audio and Snowlight, have exerted their strength. However, the international giants have frequently tried to seize a larger market share before the market breaks out. First of all, Philips Auto Lighting changed its name to Philips Auto Life, which is an important measure taken by Philips in response to the automobile culture and automobile life in the new era. This means that Philips will invest more resources in the aftermarket, especially in the Chinese market, to further expand the market. Secondly, OSRAM is a leading supplier in the field of automotive lighting. With its advanced lamp technology and excellent quality assurance, OSRAM has an unrivalled lead in the field of automotive lighting. However, in September last year, OSRAM's second plant in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, was officially put into operation to further expand its production capacity in the region. The new facility will employ approximately 500 people, mainly producing lighting products for the automotive and display sectors. In this international context, domestic LED companies have suffered from the technological blockade of international giants. In recent years, domestic LED companies have also made efforts to break through the encirclement of Philips and Osram. In recent years, Feiyue Audio has successively completed the extension from the general lighting field to the automotive lighting field and lighting engineering field through the acquisition of Shengyi Company and Shenan Group, and opened up the industrial chain of LED lighting and application lighting engineering market. In November 2015, Xingyu shares raised a total of 1.5 billion yuan, which is intended to be invested in the expansion project of Jilin Changchun production base and the construction of automotive electronics and lighting R&D center. In the field of LED lights, Xingyu has made great breakthroughs. In the past two years, it will continue to expand the matching of LED headlights in its own brand models. At present, LED car lights account for more than 20% of revenue, and it is expected that the proportion will continue to increase in the future. In addition, as the leading domestic automotive lighting company, Snowlight's automotive lighting technology has been at the forefront of the industry. In the past two years, Shellett has invested in the LED industry and increased its investment in LED lighting and automotive lighting. In 2014, it first acquired Fushun Optoelectronics for 495 million yuan, and then invested 10.856 million yuan to acquire 57.42% equity of Yike Optoelectronics in the form of capital increase. The investment is intended to help Shell Wright develop its LED headlight business and realize the operation of two product lines of automotive xenon lamps and automotive LED lighting to capture a larger market share.

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