Drug refrigerated truck is not cooling how to do

If a driver suddenly encounters a problem when transporting drugs or vaccines, the refrigerator does not refrigerate? The car couldn't reach the expected temperature and it was a headache. After all, drugs are different from other goods and may fail if the temperature is not up to standard. So today Xiao Bian has taught you how to self-check when the drug refrigerated truck is not cooling.

First of all, we should look at the location of the drug refrigerated truck loading, whether it is too much cargo in front of the evaporator outlet, which impedes the circulation of cold air. The obstruction above the cargo causes a short circuit in the cold air flow. In general, a minimum distance of 220 mm must be maintained between the top of the cargo and the roof of the cargo. It must be ensured that the height of the loaded cargo is not higher than the equilibrium height of the air outlet. If the front of the air outlet is blocked by goods or is too close to the goods, it will not only affect the storage and transportation temperature of the goods, but also affect the normal operation of the refrigeration unit.


Some of the defrosting designs of the refrigerating units of drug refrigerated trucks use air induction to defrost them. When the goods are too close to the air outlet, the coils in the evaporator of the refrigeration unit in the refrigerated truck will quickly frost or freeze, and the air induction system will immediately operate. The refrigerating truck refrigeration unit will quickly enter the defrosting state. When the coil temperature rises back to about 9 degrees, defrosting ends immediately. As a result, the refrigeration unit in the refrigerated vehicle will undergo the above-mentioned cyclic operation, resulting in the phenomenon that the temperature in the chamber will not fall down, giving us the intuitive feeling that the refrigerating unit of the refrigerated truck frequently defrosts, and the temperature inside the refrigerator does not Obvious cooling. Basically, because the load of the refrigerated carriage is too high or too high, the frequent operation of the refrigeration unit can reduce the temperature of the carriage.

  We should start with the details and master the tips for the use of drug refrigerated trucks. Transport operations are no longer fraught with fear! Prior to the shipment of drugs or vaccines, the inside of the cargo compartment must be sterilized, cleaned and ventilated. Before the goods are shipped, the refrigeration unit should be opened in advance, and the cargo should be loaded after the temperature in the cargo compartment reaches the specified transport temperature of the cargo. Inside the cargo compartment.

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