Light refrigerated truck - small bees in urban transport

With the intensification of environmental pollution, the environmental protection of cities has received more and more attention. In many urban areas, restrictions have been imposed on motor vehicles with large emissions. The implementation of the restricted-banking policy has caused the city's cargo transportation to suffer a lot. In particular, refrigerated vehicles have also been placed in the ranks of restricted access, making daily supply of urban life more difficult to meet, and the prices of various perishable foods are bound to be affected. influences.


In this environment, light refrigerated trucks have been welcomed by more and more companies and businesses. This is also an important reason why light-duty refrigerated trucks are far ahead of other models in recent years. The light refrigerated truck has the advantages of low fuel consumption, high speed, and convenience in moving and loading and unloading goods. First of all, in urban road traffic, vehicles with smaller vehicles have greater advantages in road traffic. Light-duty refrigerated trucks are not restricted in urban areas. The advantage of convenience and speed is that medium- and heavy-duty refrigerated trucks do not have, and secondly, light refrigeration. Each time the load of the vehicle is small, the delivery requirements can be fulfilled without requiring too much manpower for the delivery of a smaller demand. This will undoubtedly reduce the labor cost; moreover, the light refrigerated truck has a lower fuel consumption, a faster speed, and a small commitment. Short-distance food transportation for delivery has been more than sufficient; in the end, the price of light refrigerated trucks is lower than that of other vehicles, making it easier for start-up transporters.

For those who want to buy light refrigerated trucks, my advice is that quality is the most important, as long as the quality is guaranteed, the price is more expensive can be affordable, if you are willing to buy cheap products, the follow-up maintenance costs will not be worth the loss; Is the after-sales service, good after-sales service can be used in the process of comfortable with the rest assured.

The advantages of light-duty refrigerated trucks make them the main tools for the transport of perishable food in the city. Nowadays, chicken, duck meat, fruits and vegetables, dairy products and even some medicines that appear on the table at the table are almost all delivered by light refrigerated trucks. It is just like the little bees walking in the summer flowers, walking through the corners of the city, and contributing its own strength in order to ensure the normality of our daily life.

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