What are the safety requirements of substation

1, buildings

(1) The structure of substation should comply with the requirements of fire prevention and earthquake resistance. The substation and power distribution equipment should be installed in separate rooms. The door should open outwards and be fire resistant, and the middle access door should be a free door.

(2) There shall be no holes in the walls, floors, line ditches and doors and windows of the substation to prevent the animals from fleeing. Transformer room, capacitor room vent area in addition to meet the ventilation requirements, the rain cover must be installed.

(3) Transformer substations shall not be adjacent to places with inflammable, explosive, corrosive substances or gases and with conductive dust.

(4) change the substation of the house shall not seepage, leakage. Cable entries must be sealed with flame retardant material.

2, change distribution equipment

(1) transformer Transformer placed indoors, the center of the transformer should be in the air convection path the best position. And to the transformer equipped with oil, thermometers and gas relays need to be observed often side, the transformer and the iron fence and other reliable grounding.

(2) The disconnector should be installed securely and reliably, whether it be mounted on a wall or on a metal frame. Disconnect, moving, static contact between the distance of not less than 160mm in order to reliably isolate the voltage. When the switch needs to be connected to the long shaft, one end of the shaft must be fitted with a bearing support. Operating agencies must have the appropriate chain of institutions, the metal part of a reliable grounding.

(3) If the distance between the FN-10 blade and the stationary contact during the opening of the load switch should not be less than 182mm and the arc tube is intact, the quick opening and closing device can operate reliably.

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