Dry goods! In the summer, everyone considered the tires

At the beginning of summer, the temperature gradually rises. We must start to take off the burden and cool down in summer. However, as a truck driver, have you considered the feeling of your tyres? Have you taken care of it? Today, Xiao Bian has sent you summer tires for everyone, not to look at it.


Xiao Bian before hearing people say that the tire watering heat, will explode, this is true? Two days ago, such a tire explosion accident occurred, so I have to believe.

The parties, Xiao Cai and her brother, drove a van from the Baokangla Mine to Baokang Industrial Park, Yujiahu Town, Yucheng City. At 2 o'clock the next day, when passing through Yongquan Town, Zaoyang City, the brothers found out from the rearview mirror that the rut began to smoke.

The two rushed off and splashed water to cool the tires. Did not think the tire suddenly exploded, Xiaocai was thrown out of five or six meters away.

At the time of the incident, Xiaocai’s brother had escaped from the accident by standing a little farther. He immediately called 120. Subsequently, Xiaocai was sent to AVIC 364 Hospital. Liu Weihua, deputy director of the Department of Burns at the hospital, said that Xiao Chua had multiple fractures in his body, and the burn area was about 15%. Fortunately, Xiaocai was not fatally injured. After two days of treatment, her physical condition stabilized.

Why does the tyre watering explode?

In the case of high temperature tyres, a bucket of cold water is suddenly poured over. Local thermal expansion and contraction can lead to deformation of the inner structure of the tyre. Rapid temperature changes can cause conflicts between the layers of the tyre. If there are tire aging conditions at the same time, it is very An explosion may occur.

Moreover, not only tires, if the temperature is too high, the hub is also very likely to burst. Therefore, when the temperature of the tire is found to be too high, it must be avoided to reduce the temperature of the water.

The hot weather must pay attention to these issues

In recent days, just after entering the heat, many cities have already risen above 40°C and the road surface temperature has reached 65°C. The black rubber tires are particularly easy to absorb heat, plus the gravity and pavement from the body. The friction, the tire requirements are particularly high, so should pay special attention to tire safety.

1, check the surface of the tire. If the tire is seriously aging, the tread pattern wears badly, or if the tire surface has deep scratches, and the tire has bulging conditions, do not hesitate to replace it.

2, tire pressure must be checked in a timely manner. Tyre pressure is too high or too low, which is a great puncture hazard.

3, do not overload, speeding. The surface of the tire has its own load factor and maximum speed limit. If it exceeds this range, it will inevitably increase the risk of driving.

4, do not frequently brake. Applying the brakes will increase the load on the tires, and the more urgent the brakes, the greater the tire load.

5, pay attention to rest when running high speed. If you run at high speed for a long time, your car may not be able to withstand even if someone can stand it. Therefore, it is best to enter a high-speed rest area every two hours. Check the tire pressure and the presence or absence of nails.

6, do not water the tire cooling. Even if it does not explode, it will also aggravate the aging of the tires, especially for large trucks. If it is found that the tires smoke, it is best to choose to stop and cool naturally.

Tire is the only medium for the car to come into contact with the ground. Imagine a car with a weight of nearly 2 tons. Under full load, at a speed of 100km/h, it will drive at a high speed of 65°C. With a sudden braking, how much pressure will the tires withstand? So check your tires before running high speed.

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