Correct use of refrigerated trucks for better preservation

The most important means of transport for long-distance food transportation is refrigerated trucks. Refrigerated trucks can play a role in keeping food fresh and prevent food from becoming inefficient. Cold chain logistics is now a domestic trend of development. A large number of refrigerated trucks have been applied to the cold chain transportation industry. However, in the process of using refrigerated trucks, some drivers do not know how to effectively use refrigerated trucks to give food the best preservation. The main part of a refrigerated truck is a refrigeration unit. If the refrigerated unit does not control the compartment, the desired temperature is not expected. Keeping the temperature inside the car starts with some minor details, the transportation process no longer has to be frightened.


First, before the goods have been packed into the refrigerator, we must first disinfect the interior of the car body, clean and ventilate it, so as to ensure that the goods will not be contaminated during transport and maintain the original flavor. Some foods may have special odors. At this time, we have to keep the ventilation in the compartments to remove odors.

Second, before the shipment of goods, the refrigeration unit should be opened in advance, until the temperature within the cargo compartment reaches the specified transport temperature of the cargo, and then the cargo is loaded into the cargo compartment. There is a problem for users who want to open a refrigeration unit with empty cars. It is a waste! In actual fact, as the saying goes, the sharp knife does not mistakenly cut the firewood. When the temperature reaches a specified value, the goods are released much better than the fresh-keeping/freezing effect of the goods at the very beginning. Everyone may wish to know under actual testing. This is also the experience given by refrigerated truck manufacturers.

Third, the placement of cargo inside the carriage is also very important. If it is not neatly placed, it is not conducive to the ventilation of goods and is not conducive to the circulation of cold air in the carriage. Do not place the goods in a dense array. Think that you can do more with this, and you should leave a little gap so that the air can circulate.

Fourth, when unloading cargo, the opening time and frequency of the doors should be reduced. When moving cargo up/down, it should be promptly minimized to reduce the outside air flow into the interior of the cargo compartment, resulting in the loss of cold air, leading to an unbalanced temperature within the compartment.

Editor's Note: Good experience is summed up in the actual operation process, the above experience is refrigerated truck manufacturers and many years old driver summed up. If you think it's easy to use, please take it away. The division that drives the refrigerated truck will be used for life.

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