GS lubricants set new targets and is expected to be among the top ten brands of Chinese lubricants by 2022

On March 9, 2018, the annual GS Lubricants Lubricants Dealership of the well-known Korean brand was held in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province. Representatives of GS lubricant distributors from all over the country gathered in the “City of 100 Islands” to participate in the annual gathering. Industry event. The Chairman of GS Lubricating China, Jiang Xizhu, attended the conference together with representatives of the company's major divisions.

GS Lubricants Annual Distributors Conference Site Map GS Lubricants Annual Distributors Conference Site Map

In the opening session, Chairman Jiang Xizhu first represented GS Lubricants to welcome the enthusiastic participation of distributor partners across the country, and expressed his deep gratitude for his ongoing cooperation support. In his address, Chairman Jiang Xizhu also expressed a bright new vision for the new year: “The company cherishes the friendly relations with all its partners and will also promote the reform of the sales system and continue to promote the speed of the company's decision-making. In the future, GS Lubricants will continue to work to enhance brand value, enhance service competitiveness, and create better products for consumers. With product experience, the target will be among the top ten brands of Chinese lubricants by 2022.”

For the new 2018, GS lubricants are full of confidence. Relevant person in charge of the marketing department shared the online and offline strategic plans of the company's marketing department during the year and introduced the work and deployment of GS lubricants in brand building and quality improvement during the current year. At the same time, in order to be closer to our customers and create energy that will make everyone more happy, the person in charge of the operation department also exchanged views with everyone about the new-year lube oil market trend and the GS Lubricant New Product Development Plan.

As the best-selling lubricant brand in Korea, GS Lubricant has always ranked first in South Korea's domestic sales. The company has a world-leading infrastructure. It is worth mentioning that GS Lubricants not only owns the largest refinery in Lishui, the homeland of South Korea, but also invests in new modern factories in Tianjin, China. In the future, GS Lubricants will continue to strengthen the product development and production capabilities of the Chinese market. The person in charge of the Tianjin plant also simultaneously looked to the partners for the planning of the new plant construction.
GS lubricant

GS lubricant

All along, as an indispensable distribution channel for brands and products, the dealer team has always been an important partner for GS lubricants. In many years of distribution of GS lubricants, many outstanding partner representatives have emerged. At the conference, excellent distributor representatives also shared their successful experiences on the site and looked forward to the sales outlook in 2018. At the same time, they also expressed their desire to continue to work closely with GS Lubricants to achieve win-win cooperation. In the subsequent award ceremony, some of the outstanding outstanding dealer representatives also received special recognition from GS Lubricants.

At present, GS Lubricants has a full range of automotive lubricating oils, industrial lubricating oils, marine oils, process oils and dozens of products. The sales network has spread over more than 20 provinces and cities in China, and has a strong and comprehensive OEM strategic partner. . At the distributors' conference, Jiang Xizhu, Chairman of GS Lubricants’ Chinese company, also started the expedition ceremony with representatives from various regional distributors and started the new year's glorious journey.

In recent years, with the promotion of the country’s macroeconomic policies, the introduction of relevant national emission standards, and the rapid development of the automotive industry and machinery and equipment manufacturing industries, the overall sales trend of the lubricants industry is gratifying. At the same time, with the trend of consumption upgrades, consumers’ awareness of car ownership has been continuously improved, and the quality requirements for lubricants have also been gradually improved. Only products with good quality and value for money can win consumers’ favor. For 2018, GS Lubricants will continue to deliver the highest quality products to the market and work together with dealer partners to create a better future.


"Gravity Die Casting. A permanent mould casting process, where the molten metal is poured from a vessle of ladle into the mould, and cavity fills with no force other than gravity, in a similar manner to the production of sand castings, although filling cn be controlled by tilting the die."

Gravity Die Casting

Sometimes referred to as Permanent Mould, GDC is a repeatable casting process used for non-ferrous alloy parts, typically aluminium, Zinc and Copper Base alloys.

The process differs from HPDC in that Gravity- rather than high pressure- is used to fill the mould with the liquid alloy.

GDC is suited to medium to high volumes products and typically parts are of a heavier sections than HPDC, but thinner sections than sand casting.

There are three key stages in the process.

  1. The heated mould [Die or Tool] is coated with a die release agent. The release agent spray also has a secondary function in that it aids cooling of the mould face after the previous part has been removed from the die.
  2. Molten metal is poured into channels in the tool to allow the material to fill all the extremities of the mould cavity. The metal is either hand poured using steel ladles or dosed using mechanical methods. Typically, there is a mould [down sprue" that allows the alloy to enter the mould cavity from the lower part of the die, reducing the formation of turbulence and subsequent porosity and inclusions in the finished part.
  3. Once the part has cooled sufficiently, the die is opened, either manually or utilising mechanical methods.


  • Good dimensional accuracy
  • Smoother cast surface finish than sand casting
  • Improved mechanical properties compared to sand casting
  • Thinner walls can be cast compared to sand casting
  • Reverse draft internal pockets and forms can be cast in using preformed sand core inserts
  • Steel pins and inserts can be cast in to the part
  • Faster production times compared to other processes.
  • Once the tolling is proven, the product quality is very repeatable.
  • Outsourced Tooling setup costs can be lower than sand casting.

Gravity Casting Parts

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