The upgrade quality and core technology of auto parts enterprises become a breakthrough

In 2011, China's auto market showed a steady growth, with production and sales exceeding 1.2 million units per month. The average monthly production and sales exceeded 1.5 million, and annual sales of automobiles exceeded 18.5 million, setting a new global record. Such a huge demand market will significantly promote the rapid development of the mold industry that provides equipment for the auto parts industry. With the further adjustment of policies, the growth rate of China's auto mold industry will tend to be flat, market competition will further intensify, and auto mold enterprises will face greater opportunities and challenges.

Many local auto parts enterprises stated that they will enter the international market in the future and develop national auto parts enterprises. At present, some domestic auto parts manufacturers are eager to open up the international market, and the quoted prices are much lower than the average prices in the international market. Actually, this is not a wise move. What is even more serious is that domestic enterprises that produce export products compete with each other in price competition and may cause foreign anti-dumping complaints. Therefore, when domestic manufacturers offer foreign companies, they must first master the international market and avoid the unfavorable consequences caused by unquote prices.

Domestic auto parts companies need to develop international markets on the basis of maintaining a good market order, so that they can achieve long-term development, compete with foreign suppliers of spare parts in the international market, and also maintain a good image of Chinese auto parts companies in the international market. , Carry forward China's auto parts products and technologies.

The relationship between the mold industry and other related industries has enabled the mold industry to constantly focus on new market demands to achieve its own expansion, and the automotive plastics industry has become the driving force behind the growth of the automotive mold industry. From the car's heart generator's cylinder die casting to the car's white body stamping parts, from the accelerated R&D of China's energy-saving and environmentally-friendly vehicles to the new material super-strength steel plate hot pressing forming mold, all need the mold to drive the core components of the automotive industry. The middle and high-grade passenger car cover molds, new lightweight automotive material forming molds and multi-position advanced molds are all guarantees for the development of automotive self-owned brands. Mould equipment is an important part of automotive equipment.

The automotive plastic parts industry is highly dependent on the automotive industry. With the rapid development of China's auto market in recent years, the number of autos in China and the world continues to increase, and the demand for automotive plastic parts and components is increasing. Through interviews with a number of industry experts and an analysis of the main representative products of auto plastic parts, Huaxia believes that the proportion of raw materials for general auto plastic parts and components accounts for 50%-70% of the total cost. In this way, the value of plastic parts for bicycles will reach an average value. 3300 yuan or so.

As the rapid expansion of the automotive industry has led to the rapid development of automotive plastic mold, although China's auto plastic parts enterprises are generally small-scale, production and research and development level is still not high, but the broad market demand and international industrial transfer trend for China's plastic parts manufacturing The company has injected a powerful driving force for development. The company's mold development capabilities, innovation awareness, and overseas development capabilities are continuously increasing. With the cost advantages that will remain for a long time, the growth of China's auto plastic parts industry in the coming years will be considerable.

The rapid development of China's entire vehicle has directly stimulated the rise of the automotive aftermarket. The development of China's auto parts industry has begun to become the focus of attention. Especially in some developed areas in Europe and America, China’s auto parts industry is called In the gold industry, the global automotive center has subsequently shifted to China, which has brought great opportunities and competition to the Chinese auto aftermarket.

As one of the pillar industries of the national economy, China's auto parts industry has a long way to go in the future. It is understood that after years of development, there are corresponding giants appearing in various product areas of domestic auto parts companies, such as the transmission of Fast; the filters of Global, Leopard King, and Fleetguard; Lutheran, Golden Kirin, and Baiyun. The brake pad products all enjoy a certain reputation in the international market and gain corresponding market share. In addition, many domestic auto parts companies that specialize in foreign trade are not to be underestimated in the international market.

The advantages of multinational auto parts and components companies entering the Chinese market have so far led to the disappearance of only local auto parts companies in terms of quality and technology. Local auto parts companies have made product quality and core technology the main breakthrough in their development. Core direction. In addition, the brand awareness of domestic auto parts companies has also been greatly improved. The propaganda and promotion tactics and multinational auto parts and components makers are irrespective of whether they are involved or not. This has brought a lot of pressure on the development of multinational auto parts and components companies in China.

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