Allison Transmission Introduces Fully-Automated Solutions at Munich International Environmental Protection Exhibition

In response to the need of local municipalities and waste disposal companies to increase productivity and reduce costly downtime, major European vehicle manufacturers have launched municipal and garbage collection vehicles equipped with Allison transmissions . In lower cab vehicles such as the Mercedes-Benz Econic, Renault Access and Dennis Eagle Elite2, Allison fully automatic gearboxes have become standard. Thanks to the Allison transmission's power shift and torque converter technology, the fleet's productivity can be increased to 20%, while also avoiding expensive maintenance costs, such as clutch maintenance costs.

At IFATEntsorga in Munich, on-site exhibitors watched the profile display models of Allison 2000 series and 3000 series transmission products at Allison booth and met with Allison's experts to discuss and discuss products. Their maintenance and special applications help them understand the difference between Allison products and Other variable speed technologies and their advantages. The smallest series of Allison transmission products is the 1000, the largest is the 4000 series, which has a wide range of applications, can be used for light multi-purpose trucks, can also be used for special vehicles equipped with 800 horsepower and 2644Nm engine.

Assembling Allison Transmission natural gas engine makes vehicle performance more efficient

Reducing exhaust emissions is particularly important for environmental protection, especially in cities. More and more waste disposal companies are solving this problem by choosing garbage trucks powered by compressed natural gas. Germany’s largest municipal waste treatment company, Berliner Stadtreinigung, has already used 120 compressed-gas Mercedes-Benz Econic trucks, all equipped with Allison 3000 series automatic transmissions. The car uses a clean, alternative energy source that helps reduce carbon emissions and reduce noise. At the same time, due to the use of Allison technology, the high performance of the vehicle is also guaranteed. In general, the torque of an alternative fuel engine is relatively small and the torque converter can compensate for this. In fact, when the vehicle starts, the Allison transmission's torque converter functions as an efficient starting device, which can increase the total torque of the engine by a factor of 2. Even if it encounters harsh road conditions, it can still ensure that the vehicle has Excellent starting performance while protecting the powertrain from shock and torsional vibration.

Save time and money with the latest electronic technology

Allison Transmission's advanced electronic control devices use the latest fuel economy strategy. Whenever a car is stopped on the road or when a powertake-off is initiated due to garbage compression, the Reduced Engine Load (RELS) and Auto-Neutral functions help to reduce fuel consumption, and when the garbage is compressed At the end, the gearbox neutral control system will automatically control the vehicle's powertrain. Load-based shift program technology (LBSS) optimizes fuel consumption while ensuring that the vehicle can perform outstandingly because it can implement economical shift programs and dynamic shifting based on vehicle load and road gradient. Automatic switching of programs. At the same time, the vehicle's daily maintenance procedures are greatly improved by the Allison transmission pre-diagnostic system. When a certain maintenance function is required, Allison Transmission's pre-diagnostic system uses advanced electronics. The monitoring technology can promptly remind the user of the health conditions of the transmission oil, the filter element and the entire transmission in real time. In this way, while ensuring that the vehicle is provided with maximum gear shift protection, the downtime can be reduced and the maintenance cost during the effective life of the vehicle can be reduced.

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