A Village in Beijing Opens a "Women Bathing House"

A village in Beijing opened a "lawy bathing house" to cure home and diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2012-10-06

Entering the Shijiaying Village of Shunyi, the spacious streets are tree-lined on both sides. Along the street in the village west all the way, the reporter saw the fitness square, the villagers do morning exercises on sports fitness equipment. Go to the center of the village, the name of a bathroom attracted attention - a bathing saloon. The external walls of the red bricks are clean and beautiful. A large color picture hangs over the western wall. An old woman is walking toward the bathroom door under the care of her daughter-in-law.
“This is a basic measure for the construction of our village’s civilization. It does not accompany old people. Young people cannot bathe in public bathrooms,” said Hu Guoqing, the party secretary. The reporter learned that in Shijiaying Village, the construction of spiritual civilization has not only stayed on the slogan, but a measure has been closely linked with the life of the villagers. The family is stable, the village is peaceful and the society is harmonious.
Grandma's bathhouse makes family harmony
“In our village, young people bathe in the public baths, and they need to accompany their own elderly people. The old people in their own homes can also be with the elderly people who live next to them. In short, if you don’t stay with the elderly, you cannot enter the bathroom. The contradiction between the mother-in-law and the family has been solved and the family is quiet. Young people can put their spirits on the job, said Hu Guoqing.
Standing outside the door of her husband’s bathhouse, the reporter happened to meet the protagonist of the big picture on the wall—the two were mother-in-law and the mother-in-law was Deng Shulan. At the age of 78, the old man was ruddy and walked with a gust of wind, just like a young man. people. The daughter-in-law, Wan Yuqin, is also 55 years old. She is carrying a small plastic basket. The basket is filled with towels and shower gel and she is ready to shower with her mother-in-law.
Deng Shulan took the reporter aside and whispered, "I am content. Now my wife can accompany me to a bath and chat. If I had never been like this before, I have to say this. Our husband-in-law in the village has a good job."
Speaking of the past, Deng Shulan again lowered her voice and said, “I have four nieces and one son. When we were just entering the door, our relationship was froze. We often simmered in trivial matters such as cooking, and sometimes we didn’t speak in half a year or six months. The son was caught in the middle, and it was very difficult. Since 2005, our village had a bathing sala bathhouse, and the younger ones didn't stay with me. They couldn't get into the bathroom. The daughters were married and not. Only the daughter-in-law was with us. We were together It took me a long time, talked much more, and all the things that weren’t fun were spoken and the relationship was OK. In this village, there are many families like me. In a few years, the relationship between the mother and father is good.”
The Civilization Award made civilization a conscious
Secretary Hu Guoqing told reporters that in the past, the old man had reached the age of 60 and received a monthly subsidy of 200 yuan. The culture of the old people in rural areas is not much, so some problems often arise, and neighbors are difficult to manage. What does our village committee want to do? Simply subsidize the form and call it the Civilization Award! Still so much money, but I have to change it to law.
The elderly detained score points, do not wear clothes on the street deduction points, dirty water deduction points ... ... Shijiaying village can think of the uncivilized behavior are folded into scores. As long as you can comply, you can receive the Civilization Award by the end of the month. The old people can feel self-conscious. In a few years, the uncivilized behavior of Shijiaying was eliminated.
The old people were civilized. What did the young man do? Shijiaying village also set up care costs, each elderly 100 yuan a month, as long as their children do not appear uncivilized behavior, to the end of the month can receive 100 yuan.
This can take control of young people. As long as one person is uncivilized and the old family cannot receive the money, the family will criticize it.
Hu Guoqing said that letting the villagers consciously manage themselves is the goal of setting up these awards. Only consciously civilized behavior can truly realize the civilization of the entire village.
50 years to save a small reservoir
Hu Guoqing also told reporters that the original water and electricity in the village are free, and this free will cause waste. “We think of a way to save water. The village cadres visit each house. The result of the survey is that each household’s domestic water consumption is 3 tons a month. Therefore, the village stipulates that each household should have one yuan per ton within 3 tons, exceeding 3 tons. 4 yuan per ton. Saves money every month."
After the implementation of this measure, the villagers took advantage of Taomi's water and vegetable washing water. The monthly water consumption of the village has not only not increased, but has saved more than 20,000 yuan. This doesn’t count, “We calculated that there are more than 400 people in the village. Each person can save half a ton of water in a month. In 50 years, a small reservoir can be saved.”
In Shijiaying Village, old people have fitness awards. The village combines fitness and law and order, so that the old people go to the village every day, and whoever attends will earn 1 yuan per day.
Deng Shulan, an old man with a red hoop, said that she had volunteered and reported to the village committee every morning. Then she went for one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon. Old people not only exercised but also protected the village.
“We have seen dogs who don’t care, and those who throw litter will manage it. The village is clean, safe, and we’re still fit.” Deng Shulan said.
The reporter learned that in the Shijiaying Village of Shunyi District, all issues related to life, including respect for the elderly, garbage classification, and public security inspections, have been incorporated into the construction of spiritual civilization. Starting from each small family, it has been extended to the village. They also promoted their experience to the whole country. The practice of the Civilization Award has now been adopted in some places in Shandong.
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