Passengers sleeping in the car after the bus broke down

After the bus broke down, the driver fell asleep and the driver waited 6 hours later to alert the diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2012-10-26

In the early hours of the early hours of the morning, a car from Fuling to Zhuhai traveled until 225 kilometers from the north to the south of Tanhengxi Expressway. When the car suddenly broke down, the driver did not call for help. Instead, he stopped the car at the nearby harbor. The office is sleeping. More than 50 passengers in the car complained. After nearly six hours of waiting, the passengers chose to call the police.
At 9:00 yesterday, the high-speed traffic police Tan Hengxi Brigade duty room received a passenger assistance call, said that the passengers they took the bus broke down halfway, waiting for 6 hours, regardless of the driver did not ask ... After receiving the alarm, Tan Heng West Brigade police quickly rushed to the scene of the incident and saw only a sleeper bus with the brand name Hunan J17879 parked at the harbor. The roadside station was full of passengers, and the driver squawked on the steering wheel. Seeing the arrival of the police, passengers spit hard. According to reports, the car was bad on the road at 3 o'clock in the morning. At that time, the driver only informed them that the car had to be repaired. It was necessary to wait for the company to send a car to transport it, but did not specify the exact time.
The bus driver stated that after the car broke, he immediately called the company and was waiting for the company to send a car over to transport passengers. When asked why there was no alarm, the driver stated that he did not know the call. The police immediately educated them. According to the relevant regulations, if a motorized vehicle passes on a highway and does not promptly report an alarm after a breakdown, a fine of 200 yuan shall be imposed. At 9:40 a.m., the transfer vehicle arrived in time and more than 50 passengers finally sat on the bus bound for Zhuhai.
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