Atlas Copco Rock Excavation Equipment Application Upgrade

A few months ago, Atlas Copco launched underground rock excavation equipment applications for Ipad and Android tablets. At present, the application is also applicable to smart phone devices!
By downloading the application for free, users can obtain extensive information about the company's various types of underground boring trolleys, downhole scrapers, mining trucks, and many other devices.
The unique content in the application includes high-resolution product images rendered using 3D rotation, allowing you to view images from multiple perspectives. In addition, all content can be synchronized for offline browsing.
Sebastian Lee, Head of Marketing Media Project, explained: “Innovation is one of Atlas Copco's core values ​​and we are happy to share this 'application' innovation with our customers and stakeholders. In daily business, this application is a powerful and useful tool.Smartphone is one of the items you carry at any time. When was the last time you did not bring a mobile phone?
In addition to technical data, 3D images, and video, applications also include cases and social dynamic content. (This article comes from Atlas Copco)
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