What types of mine survey drawings are there?

There are many types of mine surveying and mapping, which are roughly as follows:

First, the basic mine survey map

open air:

(1) Basic terrain of the mining area, 1:500~1:2000;

(2) Floor plan of stripping and stripping project: 1:200~1:1000.


(1) Basic topographic map of the mining area: 1:500~1:2000;

(2) Plan of horizontal roadway plan or layered mining plan, 1:500~1:1000.

Second, the special map

open air:

(1) General map of the mining area, 1:2000~1:5000;

(2) Plane and elevation control and topographic framing map of the mining area;

(3) Comprehensive plan of mining and stripping project, 1:500~1:2000;

(4) Floor plan of the open pit mining industry site, 1:500~1:1000;

(5) Plan and section view of the blasting project, 1:200~1:1000;

(6) Floor plan of dumping site and drainage roadway, 1:1000~1:2000;

(7) Plane and section view of the slope movement;

(8) Profiles and plans for the calculation of reserves and losses and depletion, 1:1000~1:2000;

(Ix) the main transport railway track plan or profile view, 1:2000 ~ 1000;


(1) General map of the mining area, 1:100~1:5000;

(2) Plane and elevation control and topographic framing map of the mining area;

(3) Uphole and down comparison maps, 1:500~1:1000;

(4) Plan of industrial site, 1:500~1:1000;

(5) plan of mining and cutting engineering and plan sectional view of stope, 1:200~1:500;

(6) Floor plan of the bottom hole, 1:200~1:500;

(7) vertical section of the wellbore, vertical ratio 1:200 ~ 1:500; horizontal ratio: 1:20 ~ 1:50;

(8) Longitudinal sectional view of the main transport roadway, with a horizontal ratio of 1:500 to 1:1000 and a vertical ratio of 1:50 to 1:100;

(9) Vertical projection drawing of the steeply inclined ore body mining project, 1:500~1:1000;

(10) Stereo view of the well lane, 1:1000~1:2000;

(11) Three-level ore calculation and loss-depleted calculation chart.

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