Application of NSK Bearing in Mining Machinery

Rolling dust, bumpy tunnels, sewage, low-speed operation, and heavy loads... These are the most common operating environments in the mine, challenging the normal operation of mining equipment. How to reduce unplanned downtime and how to improve the performance of mining equipment has always been a problem that plagues equipment manufacturers and mining companies. Especially in open pit mining, mining excavators, one of the most important equipments, have increased their tonnage requirements for models in recent years as the requirements for mining efficiency continue to increase.

The surface carburizing process of NSK bearing makes the surface hardness and core hardness of the bearing have obvious difference, forming an outer hard and soft structure. Compared with the bearing of the full carburizing process, the bearing has the impact resistance and load resistance. Stronger. Another advantage of the surface carburizing process is that compressive stress can be formed on the surface of the bearing. Even if surface cracks are formed during use, the surface compressive stress suppresses crack enlargement or spalling, thereby improving the service life of the bearing. In addition, the surface carburized bearing is easier to form a lubricating oil film under the low speed and heavy load condition than the fully hardened bearing of the same surface finish, improving the lubrication effect.

NSK bearings not only excel in mining excavators, but also in mining trucks, another important equipment in the mining industry. Many of the world's largest mining trucks are also equipped with NSK bearings. Most of the bearings assembled in mining trucks have higher requirements for carrying high power density and smaller specifications, and often require special customization. This puts higher demands on steel and bearing profile and surface finish.

 A streaked windshield isn't only aggravating, it's unsafe. If new wiper blades aren't fixing the problem, your wiper arms may be the culprit. Properly functioning arms are essential to a clear and clean windshield. Count on Dorman to help restore the efficiency of your wiper system, and your vision of the road.
TRICO manufactures approximately 5 million wiper blade arms annually. Designed to meet functional requirements and the styling preferences of car manufacturers TRICO's arms are manufactured with a variety of wiper heads to meet cost and weight targets of our customers.

Nobody likes traveling on the road with poor visibility. Be it cruising down the streets or traversing off-road, a wiper is one of those essentials in your vehicle to clear away rain, snow or even dirt that impedes driving. 
Wiper blades are very much like squeegees. The wiper arms drag the thin rubber strip across the windshield to clear objects without streaks. This is because of the wiper arm's even pressure over the length of the rubber blades. Wiper blades are built to attach in a single point in the middle. The wiper arm, meanwhile, acts like a branch of a tree holding the blades in six to eight places. 
When the wiper blade is new, the rubber is clean and free from nicks or cracks. This wipes the water, leaving no streaks. But as it ages, the wiper blade wears out. Nicks or cracks form. Road grime builds on the edge as dirt or snow forms on the wiper arm, making the distribution of pressure of the wiper blade uneven. 
You could remedy this problem by wiping the edge with a soaked cloth. But when there is major damage, make sure to get a replacement wiper. If your traveling lifestyle demands for a replacement unit, then do so because it will benefit you very much especially under extreme weathers like rain and snow. Having replacement wipers is a wise strategy to avoid the hassles of blurriness down the road.


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