Web-based video conferencing helps the hotel industry gain greater market share

In recent years, the state has vigorously supported the tourism service industry and continuously introduced policies that are conducive to the development of the tourism service industry. This has also played a very positive role in the development of the hotel industry. With the development of the economy and the progress of society, people's leisure and entertainment have also undergone fundamental changes. From the traditional "home-to-home" to the popular "world is so big, I want to see." From the perspective of the number of consumers and the amount of consumption, the current hotel market is very active.

According to relevant data, there were more than 400 million leisure trips during the Golden Week in 2016, and the amount of outbound tourism exceeded 400 billion. Holidays can not only attract huge crowds of tourists, but also bring considerable revenue to the hotel industry, so holidays have also become a high ground for the hotel industry to snatch. In order to meet the New Year's Day, the Spring Festival, to seize the competition opportunities, various hotel management groups will choose more effective communication methods to communicate with their hotels, video conferencing is undoubtedly the group's preferred communication method.

Remote training system, Libao hotel won the competition
As the saying goes, opportunities are reserved for people who are prepared. Therefore, pre-holiday training at the hotel has become one of the important tasks of the management group. For a large hotel group, especially a chain hotel, organizing a training course is a very complicated matter. In addition to reporting expenses, training instructors to go back and forth is a time-consuming and labor-intensive task.
The remote training system can use existing equipment, such as computers, mobile phones, smart TVs and other equipment for training, without occupying space, and there is no limit to the number of trainees. The distance training system can also break the boundaries between time and space. It can communicate face-to-face without the need for trainers to run around. It can also save a large amount of travel expenses for the group. The training results are similar to traditional face-to-face courses, saving time. And effort.

Remote video conference system, rapid decision-making, strengthening competitive advantage
The large-scale hotel group has a complex internal structure. It has departments such as the finance department, marketing department, and training department. The meetings between departments, weekly regular meetings, meetings with chain stores, and the number of meetings that need to be held each year are numerous. Holidays are approaching. Various hotels are doing their best and promotions are endless. In the face of an increasingly complex market environment, traditional communication methods are far from meeting the competition in the hotel industry.
Remote video conferences can meet the needs of the group's meetings and enable face-to-face exchanges between departments. Each of its branches can quickly report market dynamics through a remote video conference system, and upper-level leaders can also quickly make decisions. When competitors have new actions, the Group can also keep abreast of the dynamics and make corresponding countermeasures to strengthen the Group's competitive advantage.

Large hotel groups or hotel chains often need to support many users at the same time when opening a video conference. This is a big challenge for video conferencing companies. The network will be the Tongyun conference platform with a strong stability and high efficiency, to help the hotel industry to win the initiative.
Never break the line. Taking the cloud computing technology as the core and adopting a virtualized and distributed operating architecture, hundreds of servers are deployed across the country. With only one computer and one headset, it is possible to achieve interoperability between North and South.
HD video, high fidelity voice. Home bandwidth can watch high-definition video, support up to 16 video cycles or broadcast, support focus video; system supports up to 16 high-fidelity wideband voice, super echo cancellation technology to ensure that you are no longer subject to the echo of the conference room Troubled.
Can accommodate tens of thousands of people at the same time enter the meeting. The platform supports load balancing, real-time hot backup, and the most "near" routing technology. The same room can meet the needs of interactive training sessions ranging from dozens of people to tens of thousands of people. It is truly north-south interoperable, multi-network interoperable and never-ending.
Web-based video conferencing helped the hotel industry make quick decisions and strengthen its competitive advantages, so as to ensure that the hotel group achieved the holiday competition opportunities.

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