Daisy Heavy Industries first type 13.8kV high voltage motor delivery

Daisy Heavy Industries first type 13.8kV high voltage motor delivery

CSIC Heavy Industry recently reported that the first type of high-voltage motor of 13.8kV voltage level independently developed by Shanxi Minxi Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. successfully completed various test projects and delivered them to the end users.
This high-voltage motor is the 13.8kV motor that has been officially contracted by Daixi Heavy Industry. Many diesel engines at home and abroad have consulted this voltage level generator. For this reason, the company has been famous in May 2010. The Institute studied the insulation structure of this voltage class. In September 2011, Minxi Heavy Industry undertook the manufacturing tasks of four 1700kW and 13.8kV generators. Due to the tight delivery time, the design cycle and manufacturing cycle of the product are very limited, and for such a high voltage level, how to choose the right material and design a reasonable structure has become the key to the success of the product. The high-voltage motor room of Taiyuan R&D Department of Taiyuan Heavy Industry Motor Co., Ltd. combined with the previous design experience and test data of many high-voltage motors, initially completed the design tasks of key components such as the insulation structure of the motor, and learned and implemented the stator coils to a famous domestic motor company. After the manufacturing process and precautions of the key insulation parts, the R&D department has successively solved many key links such as the selection and arrangement of the 13.8kV excitation device and the clearance. In less than one month, the design tasks for all drawings and the signing of various raw material technology agreements were completed. Recently, with the end of the last test, this type of motor has completed all special tests required by the factory and the user. No matter the no-load characteristics, short-circuit characteristics, etc., the factory test or the temperature rise, transient and other special tests meet the test specifications and national standards. Claim.
The smooth delivery of this generator has filled the gap in the field of 15kV high-voltage motor of Minxi Heavy Industry. Since then, Qianxi Heavy Industry has mastered the design experience and theoretical knowledge of 3kV~15kV medium and high voltage generators, laying a foundation for improving the high-voltage series motor spectrum in the future. A good foundation has provided a strong guarantee for the expansion of the broader generator market in the future!

50 M3/h Concrete Batching Plants

This product(concrete batching plant)mainly consists of 5 major systems such as mixer, material weighing system, material conveying system, material storage system and control system and other ancillary facilities.
Features of concrete batching plant:
1.It adopts combined structure and unitized module, which is very convenient for installation and demolition
2.High performance twin-shaft, good mixing quality and high efficiency
3.Increase the unloading angle of the aggregate bin to solve the problem of unloading difficulties caused by rain
4.The electrical control system uses imported components, reliable performance and easy operation.

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