The original European car is not full of intelligent French garbage trucks also have to use human

In the impression of most private car owners, most of the garbage trucks in Europe and North America are intelligent and automated. In fact, there are also some European countries where garbage trucks are still at the stage where human labor is needed to complete. In this issue, let's take a look at what the French garbage truck looks like.
French garbage truck French garbage truck

The garbage trucks in this video are rebuilt with the Man chassis, and the garbage trucks are large. Behind the garbage truck, there are two sanitation workers responsible for handling garbage.

France's trash cans are made of steel materials and have a large capacity. Under normal circumstances, they need to push the hooks on the back of the garbage truck at the same time. After completing this action, one of the sanitation workers turned on the mechanical button behind the garbage truck. The trash bin was too high and the rubbish was dumped into the car. However, it is very difficult to use such an expensive trash can in China, so it does not require two people to complete the garbage disposal.

The garbage collection is done with two people The garbage collection is done with two people

At the same time, the driver can monitor the situation behind the garbage truck in the cab to facilitate reversing and protect the personal safety of the sanitation workers.

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