U.S. "flying car" was approved to go on the road for 30 seconds

U.S. "flying car" was approved for a 30-second change Recently, a land, air, and dual-purpose vehicle has been licensed by the relevant US agencies. This means that the “Flying Motors” was formally put into commercial production, but the media claimed that it would take time for large-scale civilian use.

With wings <br> <br> car several years ago, a US called "out of the earth," the company produce a "flying car."

The body of this car is similar to the general car, but the door part has two more foldable wings. When flying on land, the wings fold, and if you want to fly, the wings will open. The car, like the Transformers, became a small aircraft in a very short time.

In March 2009, this "flying car" successfully completed its first trial. However, due to doubts about the properties of the car, the competent authority cannot define whether it is a car or an aircraft. For two years, it has not been able to issue a permit for this amphibious vehicle.

On July 6th, the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States finally recognized the identity of the “flying car” and allowed it to use the license of the “light sports aircraft”. At the same time, the US Highway Traffic Safety Administration has also approved the car on the road.

Flying at a speed of nearly 200 km <br> <br> According to reports, when the "flying car" when traveling on land, can reach a top speed of about 150 kilometers, flying at a speed close to 200 kilometers.

Whether on land or in the air, it is powered by a 100-hp four-stroke engine. Each time it is filled with oil, it can fly up to approximately 800 kilometers and can take off or land on a 760-meter-high runway.

This car is different from a normal car because it takes on the mission of flying. For example, the windows of a typical car are glass, but the windows of this car are plastic, on the one hand reducing the weight, and on the other hand effectively avoiding the impact of flying birds during the flight.

In addition, the car's tires are also heavier and more wear-resistant than the average car. It is also produced by the US Department of Administration.

People do not have to worry that the car is too complicated to operate. It is equipped with a global satellite positioning system and a computerized automatic control system. The driver only needs to press the wing button. Within 30 seconds, the car will turn into an airplane.

The "flying car" looks like on land and in the air.

The "flying car" looks like on land and in the air.

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