Shaanxi Automobile Delong F3000 tractor weight reduction achieved practical results, launched lightweight heavy truck type

In order to meet the customer's demand for lighter vehicles and continuously improve the market competitiveness of Shaanxi Automobile Delong F3000 products, Shaanxi Automobile Automotive Engineering Research successfully achieved the goal of lightweight design of the F3000 tractor, and successfully completed the trial production. This move is of great significance to improving the market competitiveness of Shaanxi Auto's F3000 tractors.

Shaanxi Automobile Automotive Engineering Research Institute, under generalization, serialization, and without changing the requirements of the original vehicle configuration and structure, has reduced the vehicle's weight through the topology optimization and force analysis of the entire vehicle components; Adjustments, use of new materials, optimized matching of drive trains, and application of CAE strength analysis achieved a weight reduction of 400 kg for the SX4187NR361, 670 kg for the SX4257NR279, and 750 kg for the SX4257NR324. Among them, the market demand for 6×4 tractors is the most urgent. Through prototype conversion, the weighing comparison between the front and the rear of the whole vehicle is made. The actual weighing of the prototype is 8.59 tons (with spare tires and saddles, about 100 L of fuel). Re-standard about 9.4t. The 6×4 tractor actually achieved a weight reduction of 760 kg.

On the basis of the Shaanxi Automobile Delong F3000 traction, lightweight vehicle design, reduce the vehicle's self-respect, and strive for greater benefits for users, improve the product's market competitiveness. If the current average price of road transport on the market is estimated at approximately 0.7 yuan/ton per km, if the user travels 10,000 kilometers per month, if the vehicle reduces its own weight by 750kg, the user can transport 750kg of goods, which can be monthly for the user. It earns about $60,000 each year for 5,250 yuan, which undoubtedly brings a significant amount of revenue to the user.

Through the implementation of this project, not only has SAIC's product market competitiveness been improved, but also a new competitive design concept has been formed for product development and design personnel. In the initial stage of product development, we must attach importance to the lightweight design of products and market competitiveness. Start from the source. According to the current market demand, Shaanxi Automobile Delong F3000 lightweight models will be mass-produced in the second half of 2011.

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