Taixin Mechanical Rotary Drilling Rig Urban Construction Advantage

In recent years, with the construction of cities and the improvement of infrastructure, more and more small-scale construction and renovation projects in mature cities have provided new opportunities for the promotion of small rotary drilling rigs.

Taixin Mechanical Rotary Drilling Rig Urban Construction Advantage

It is no accident that small rotary drilling rigs can develop rapidly in the construction machinery piling market. It is widely used in the construction industry and railway construction industry with advantages such as small footprint, fast movement, and flexible movement. Moreover, the drilling speed of small rotary drilling rigs is also relatively fast, which is 5 to 6 times that of old rotary drilling rigs, which greatly accelerates the progress of the project. In addition, the small body of the small rotary drilling rig overcomes the embarrassing situation of small machinery and construction activities in the construction site.

Since its inception, Taixin Machinery has been adhering to the "Leading Industry Leading Excellence Products" and has combined its own technological advantages of developing domestic and foreign markets over the years. It has introduced traditional series KR80, KR90 and KR125 rotary drilling rigs, and has successively developed the domestic smallest rotary drilling rig KR40. Chassis customized rotary drilling rigs include Cat chassis, Kobelco chassis, and National Aircraft chassis, and provide customised, excavator-restructured rotary drilling and other services. In the second half of 2016, it launched a drilling rig leasing business, which won high recognition from domestic and foreign customers with good quality and professional after-sales service.

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The overall transportation saves freight, construction in a small space, high flexibility and efficiency of the action, the noise of the whole machine is small and the impact on the surrounding area is small. These are the advantageous conditions for Taixin Small Rotary Mining to enter the small-scale construction and reconstruction project in the urban area, and Taixin will also base on With advanced technological advantages, it can produce more cost-effective small rotary drilling rig products suitable for China's national conditions. (This article comes from Thai letter)

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