Copper mine, copper and copper mine

The mine is a large-scale mine. The mines are surrounded by mountains, the valleys are criss-crossed, the valleys are narrow and the terrain is complex. The topography of the mining area is high in the north and low in the south. The highest surface of the mining area is as high as 1200m and the lowest elevation is about 570m.
The deposit consists of a number of parallel ore bodies, which are thick and extremely thick ore bodies with a thickness of 36-160 m and a strike length of more than 1000 m. The surface of the deposit is not exposed, and it is not buried deep.
The mining area is a joint enterprise of mining, selection and smelting. On the south side of the mining area, it has good terrain and ample land area for the joint venture to build. When using adit develop, beneficiation plant by the shortest distance to the main bunker adit port. Tailings discharge, water supply and power supply are more convenient. According to technical and economic analysis, the plan of the site near the ore base is the most reasonable. Moreover, using Pingyi to develop and compare with other transportation schemes, the cost is also the most economical.

Figure 1 Plan of the copper mine site
1-硐口; 2-Auxiliary well; 3-Wind well; 4-Main lane;
5- living area; 6-mine department; 7-transport line; 8-mineralization plant
The main flat is located on the side of the bed and is perpendicular to the deposit (Figure 1). The total length is 3800m. The original design is a single-lane double-track flat raft. Its excavation section is 17.25m 2 (the net section is 13.95m 2 ), and it is transported by a 20t electric vehicle to drive a 10m 3 fixed mine car. When the main flat digs to 1038, due to the poor stability of the rock, it brings difficulties to the construction, so it is changed into a double-track single-track flat boring, and the tunneling section is 9.73 m 2 (net section 6.7 m 2 ). The center distance between the two flats is 30m, and several links are connected. In order to speed up the main tunneling speed, a square small shaft is drilled at 1800m from the middle of the main flat to increase the working face of the tunnel.
In order to facilitate the transportation of personnel, materials and equipment, the main flat is connected to the 930m stage with the No. 1 auxiliary shaft, and the auxiliary shaft has a net diameter of 6.5m. Between the 930m stage and the 1170m stage, the second well is connected, and the secondary shaft has a net diameter of 5m.
The whole mine has drilled 10 ore and waste rock slides with a net diameter of 3m. The ore of each stage is discharged to the main level by the well, and transported to the affected warehouse by the main flat. The waste rock above the 930m stage is discharged from the flat mouth of each stage to the valley. The waste rock below the 930m stage to the main level is raised to the surface (930m elevation) with the bucket well and concentrated in the valley (Fig. 2).

Figure 2 Schematic diagram of the copper mine copper mine development system
1- drainage tunnel; 2- air shaft; 3- breakout zone; 4- auxiliary shaft; 5- Ishii waste air shaft; 6-2 Blind Well #

In order to facilitate the mining and ventilation management, the whole mine is divided into several relatively independent mining areas and ventilation areas.
The mining industry site is located near the No. 1 auxiliary shaft at an elevation of 930 m. Compressed air, power supply, water supply, equipment, materials and some personnel, and thus the auxiliary well enters and exits. Therefore, the relay transportation of the Changping and the auxiliary wells is avoided.

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