Soil Moisture Meter Sets Soil Moisture Sampling Settings

The quantification of soil moisture is an important data for the realization of precision agriculture. The requirement for soil moisture measurement is to collect soil moisture information in real time to realize the positioning, timely and appropriate water supply of farmland irrigation. The use of soil moisture measuring instrument can collect soil moisture information with high accuracy, high efficiency and reliability.

When the soil moisture meter measures the soil moisture, we need to sample the soil. At this time, we should pay attention: the soil moisture content means that the wet soil sample is fully dried and weighed to obtain the soil water weight and dry soil weight. The percentage of soil moisture that accounts for the percentage of dry earth weight. There are several issues to be aware of when taking earth:

1 When the soil is borrowed, sometimes due to drought, the viscosity of the surface soil is reduced due to less soil moisture, and the inner wall of the earth drill cannot be adhered, making it impossible to remove the soil sample. At this time, drilling should continue until the wet earth is removed. For example, 0 ~ 10cm soil samples can not be removed, and 10 ~ 20cm can get wet soil, drill earth to 20cm and then remove the earth drill, and then 0 ~ 10cm, 10 ~ 20cm soil samples can be.
2 If the soil is heavy and has a large amount of water, take it in the range of 40~60g when taking wet soil, and take a small piece of land when taking the soil. It is not appropriate to take a large piece at a time. It is convenient to fully dry the soil moisture and obtain accurate values.
3 The four areas should be evenly divided in the observation site, and one measurement point (repeated) should be selected for each area, and four measurement points (repetitions) should be appropriately separated. It should not be too concentrated, so that the points are more representative; In addition, the measurement point of each area should be 1~2m away from the previous measurement point of the area to avoid being affected by the previous measurement point.

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