·Beiqi New Energy Barcelona R&D Center was established

On February 22nd, after the establishment of R&D centers in Silicon Valley, Aachen, Germany and Detroit, USA, BAIC New Energy officially established its fourth overseas R&D center in Barcelona, ​​Spain. The Barcelona R&D Center will mainly undertake the design and development of the new high-performance sports car model of BAIC, and formally establish a partnership with Spain's Campos Racing. In the future, the two sides will cooperate in technical talent exchange, vehicle R&D and testing, and expansion of overseas markets in the fields of electric racing cars, sports cars and global electric racing events.
“The positioning and function of the Barcelona R&D Center fully meets the needs of the future development of BAIC New Energy. Using global resources to enhance the international competitiveness of enterprises, setting up an overseas R&D center is an inevitable development trend, especially in supporting the new line of Beiqi new energy products. In terms of chemistry, it plays an important role.” Zheng Gang, general manager of Beijing New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. said, “Technological innovation has always been an important driving force for the rapid development of BAIC New Energy, deepening the global R&D layout and integrating the advantageous resources of the global industrial chain. And advanced technology will provide a continuous source of innovation and technical support for BAIC New Energy to build a world-class technology innovation center and a world-class new energy vehicle company."
As a partner of BAIC's new energy Barcelona R&D center, Spain's Campos Racing was founded by former FI driver Adrián Campos and has a reputation for racing and high-performance car research and development. Campos Racing has a strong professional technical research and development team. It has participated in many events such as GP2, GP3, FORMULA E, WTCC, Euro Formula Open, etc., providing professional technical support to the top racing team and helping the team to achieve good results.
The Beiqi New Energy Barcelona R&D Center is mainly engaged in the research and development of new energy sports models and high-performance models, creating more passionate and attractive products for users. Before the R&D center was formally established, BAIC New Energy has partnered with Campos Racing on a new pure electric supercar. The car brings together six years of research and development experience in the field of electric vehicles and the technical accumulation of Campos Racing in the field of racing for more than ten years. In the process of research and development, the Chinese team worked closely with the Spanish team. Based on the data feedback of more than 30,000 new users of BAIC, the market has fully demonstrated the high performance of consumers in terms of market definition, modeling development, function realization and performance adjustment. The ideal expectation of intelligent pure electric vehicles. The car will be the first work of BAIC's new energy Barcelona R&D center, and will also be an important milestone in the development of BAIC's new energy.
In the future, BAIC New Energy Barcelona R&D Center will rely on the experience and technology in the professional racing field to enhance the core technology of BAIC New Energy's own brand, inject new products into sports vehicles and high-performance vehicles, and comprehensively create R&D technology pilots and models. Efficiently integrate resources, reduce R&D costs, make product design more international, and better meet consumer demand for power and handling of new energy vehicles.
According to the “13th Five-Year Strategic Plan” of BAIC New Energy, BAIC New Energy will focus on building a world-class science and technology innovation center in the R&D strategy, with positive development capability, building a 4-level R&D system, and building 9 R&D centers at R&D headquarters. Integrate global resources and form five overseas R&D centers.
The Beiqi New Energy Barcelona R&D Center will be closely coordinated with Beijing, China, Silicon Valley, Aachen, and Detroit, USA, to give full play to its advantages and help BAIC New Energy become a world-class technology innovation center and world-class new Energy car companies.

Reinforcement Bar Bending Machine

The automatic steel bar bending machine can automatically complete the straightening, sizing, bending and forming and cutting of steel bars. The processing capacity is very comprehensive. It can bend in both directions and freely control the expansion, up and down of the mandrel, so it can process more and more complex shapes. With the continuous development of the CNC industry, more and more industries and companies have used CNC bending machines.

The automatic hoop bending machine is mainly suitable for the hooks and hoops of cold-rolled ribbed steel bars, hot-rolled three-level steel bars, cold-rolled round bars and hot-rolled round bars. The hoop bending machine has the advantages of low equipment failure rate, fast bending speed, low energy consumption without damaging ribs, low noise, light vibration, high efficiency, application, and reliable operation. Single operation, light and flexible, 6-10 times that of manual bending.

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