·How to overcome the market obstacles in the sales of parallel imported cars

In the past month or so, the Shanghai Free Trade Zone has sold less than 20 parallel imported cars. Compared with the previous public opinion, it will make people feel a little "face". Next, Shenzhen will also implement a parallel import car policy. Will Shenzhen repeat the mistakes of Shanghai? Or, can we make a breakthrough on parallel imports of complete vehicles?
Before talking about this issue, we seem to have to know what parallel imported cars are.
In the past, imported cars basically had two channels, one was an authorized dealer to import and sell cars through the factory channel. Although these cars have reliable quality assurance, the price is also very high, and some models are enough to buy three identical models overseas. Therefore, it is not the only rule for non-local tyrants and pseudo-local tyrants to reduce the purchase cost of such models. As an alternative to the licensing channel, some companies import cars through non-factory authorized channels. This kind of car can usually be legally licensed in China, but the cheap price also means that it will lose the guarantee of quality.
Thus, as a more reasonable solution, parallel imported cars were born.
In the simplest terms, it's a combined version of the two, or it's an upgraded version of the gray channel. In the parallel import mode, dealers need to have considerable qualifications to participate in market operations, providing three-package services for unlicensed channel products at relatively reasonable prices.
In other words, this is a product that combines quality and price/performance advantages. Consumers can enjoy truly international automotive products at relatively low prices.
Since there are so many benefits to parallel imported cars, why is there such a bleak situation?
We need to know that there is always a process no matter what. Moreover, in the context of the fact that the parallel import concept has not yet been popularized, only the city of Shanghai will always be too thin. So consumers choose to buy cars in a traditional and safe way is also a wise choice.
And parallel imported cars themselves have some market obstacles that are difficult to overcome. In terms of price, the parallel imported car is theoretically lower than the manufacturer's authorized channel, but is it really suitable for users?
We can assume that if you are a buyer of an economic model, do you have to choose a moderately priced imported model through parallel imports? You certainly don't think much about it, because imported models are always faced with high maintenance costs and lack of spare parts. For a car that always consumes more money, time and effort from the owner, no love is normal. Then, what about local tyrants?
In a less mature market environment, local tyrants are always seen as rich, timed, and patient. Therefore, cars such as the Porsche Cayenne and Audi Q7 in the parallel imported models can be very popular. For the local tyrants, the preferential margin is not their priority, they can increase the interior color of a car by 100,000, and are willing to buy for some looks that are very tasteless. For this consumer group, the pleasure of enjoying the purchase is crucial, and the parallel importers seem to be not ready. Similarly, for the pseudo-local tyrants, in the case that the channel and after-sales quality have not yet been highlighted, the “big trade goods” is the deserved value of choice. In the case that the advantages of parallel imported cars have not yet been highlighted, Selling 20 units a month is a very normal thing.
Having said that, parallel imports are really "a fight that can't afford it"?
The author thinks it is not. For parallel imported cars, it is still new in the early stage of policy opening, it takes time to improve, and more pilot cities to demonstrate, in order to break through its own obstacles. In this process, the market will gradually mature, and the policy will certainly respond in key aspects such as the after-sales market. By then, as the parallel import auto market heats up, consumer concerns will further melt away. In this way, a virtuous circle is formed, and at least for some market segments, parallel imported cars should shine.

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