Discussion on the Technical Advantages and Overview of Sanitation Sewage Pump

Sewage suction truck is a special green vehicle for environmental protection, which is an indelible contribution to urban greening construction. Today, Xiao Bian talks with everyone about the technical advantages and overview of the Sanitation Sewage Cart.

First, the advantages of sewage suction truck

The vacuum sewage suction truck is a product designed by our factory. It is particularly suitable for the sewage sludge suction, clear fishing, and loading and unloading. The vehicle adopts Dongfeng series automobile chassis modification as an example, and has the following advantages:

1, there is enough suction vacuum.

2. Set secondary protection for the vacuum pump to prevent contamination from immersing into the pump body.

3, vacuum pump drive using manual operation, convenient clutch.

4, the hydraulic oil pump and vacuum pump synchronous action, reliable work.

5. Take oil pressure tanks and fully discharge mud.

6, beautiful appearance, easy operation, good performance.

In order to fully satisfy the user's various use requirements, the structure of the sewage suction truck is continuously improved and perfected. Therefore, the description may differ from the actual structure. Please understand it without notice.

Second, the summary of sewage suction truck

The vehicle carries out suction and sewage suction operations under high vacuum conditions, paying particular attention to its operation. The vehicle consists of a vehicle chassis, PTO, drive shaft, vacuum suction pump, pressure tank, hydraulic parts, pipe network system, vacuum pressure gauge, scat window, hand-washing device, etc. It is equipped with high-power vacuum suction. Sewage pump and high-quality hydraulic system, one-time compression molding of the tank head, can open after the tank, and double top dump. With the characteristics of high vacuum, large tonnage, high efficiency, and wider use, it can be widely applied to the collection and pumping of sludge, sewage, or petrochemical effluent pool sludge in urban stormwater wells, inspection wells, and various ditches. And unloading. The dirt in the tank can be dumped directly through the back cover and can be used in the sanitation, municipal administration, agriculture, chemical industry, factories and mines, residential areas and other departments of large, medium and small cities.

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