Xichai Independently Develops Data Acquisition System to Improve 6DM Quality Traceability

In order to further improve the 6DM diesel engine block and cylinder head quality traceability system, the FAW Xichai Heavy Machinery Department recently upgraded the function of the 6DM machining line tightening machine and leak tester, and added automatic identification of the two-dimensional code data function and the current workpiece. Test leaks and tightening results for binding and storage. Up to now, the retrospective inquiry of 6DM cylinder block, cylinder head leak test and tightening data has been realized.

FAW Xichai 6DM engine
FAW Xichai 6DM engine

When the 6DM assembly leak test and the school bus whole test run, if it is found that the whole machine has a leak, it can only adopt the method of repairing the dead sheep, and the diesel engine can be remedied. The data in the production process cannot be traced and the possible faults can not be found. The equipment management unit of the heavy machinery department has independently developed a data collection system for leak testing and tightening of diesel engines in conjunction with the current hardware status of the equipment. First, the two-dimensional code of the workpiece is collected and decoded by adding a two-dimensional code reader module. Secondly, it increased the communication module with the Florig leak detector and the tightening machine, and transmitted the leak test and tightening data. At the same time, it improved the PLC and HMI programs and realized the two-dimensional code decoding, data binding and storage functions.

Since the trial run in mid-August, the equipment has performed well and related functions have been applied. It provides powerful data support for the assembly and adjustment of the 6DM diesel engine assembly line and the fault analysis of the workshop test. At present, the number of test leaks in the 6 DM machine is reduced by 77.65% compared with that in June through the continuous optimization of measures such as the adjustment of the position of the press-fitting of the block-pressing machine and the improvement of the coating amount and the improvement of the tightening sequence of the cylinder cover bolts.

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