·The central state government bus reform is fully completed

Lian Weiliang, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission, introduced on the 16th that the reform of the bus of the central state organs has been fully completed. A total of 3,868 vehicles have been cancelled, all of which have been disposed of and the income has been turned over to the state treasury.

Lian Weiliang said at the press conference held by the State Council Information Office on the same day that the reform of the bus of the central state organs involved 140 participating units and nearly 50,000 participants, and the number of compressed vehicles reached 62%. The resettlement staff 2000 Many people. At the same time, all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities have basically completed the formulation of the overall plan for vehicle reform, and 20 have been reported to the national level, and 16 have been approved. "We are confident that we will basically complete the approval of the local bus reform program before the end of the year."

Lian Weiliang said that the current bus reform is difficult. At the grassroots level, especially in remote areas, the conditions for public transportation are relatively poor. The promotion of vehicle reform must be based on actual conditions. It is necessary to realize the transformation of the form of bus protection, and to obey the development and serve the work. In the first half of this year, the vehicle reform leading group conducted a special investigation on the problems reflected at the grassroots level, and found some feasible solutions to some outstanding problems, especially the law enforcement of duty vehicles and leading cadres to the grassroots level. The local bus reform will accelerate in a period of time.

In addition, in response to the media’s question about “the central government’s recovery of about 1 trillion budget unused funds”, Xu Kunlin, director of the Investment and Development Department of the Development and Reform Commission, said that this figure is not accurate, and the amount of funds cleared for fiscal consolidation is more than 200 billion, and arrangements are being made. The focus is on adjusting the direction of use, mainly in some major engineering projects, including people's livelihood projects.

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