Transformer capacity and loss characteristics tester characteristics and product parameters

Transformer capacity and loss characteristics tester characteristics and product parameters

China's power system adopts a two-part electricity price: in addition to the measurement of the cost of the metering device, it also charges the basic electricity fee based on the transformer capacity; for larger users, they also have to pay a one-time fee for the transformer when they put it into operation. With the development of the electric power industry and the increase of electricity consumption, self-owned transformers and individual contractor transformers have gradually taken up a considerable share of the distribution transformers. This is accompanied by the individual’s goal of paying less and using more electricity. All kinds of fraudulent measures (mainly reforms and replacement of transformer nameplates) have been adopted; some users have stolen hundreds of thousands of electric bills each year, and the power sector suffers from lack of effective control measures.
The transformer capacity and loss characteristic tester is a high-precision instrument specially developed and developed by Tuopu Electric for this purpose. It is used to measure transformer capacity and loss parameters. It comes with high-performance rechargeable battery, can work without an external power supply, charging can be measured continuously 500 times; At the same time, internal digital synthesis of three-phase standard sine wave signal (not a simple inverter AC output, guaranteed non-rated conditions The accuracy of the test data of each test item) can provide three-phase precision AC test source via the power amplifier; there is no need for external three-phase test power supply, voltage regulator, up-flow and other auxiliary equipment when measuring transformer capacity and transformer short-circuit loss. This simplifies wiring and greatly improves work efficiency.
The accuracy rate of the capacity test results is 100%. One device is equivalent to four kinds of equipment: transformer capacity and loss characteristics tester + transformer loss parameter tester + harmonic analyzer + oscilloscope. It can accurately measure a variety of transformer frequency, no-load current, no-load loss, short-circuit loss, impedance voltage and other power frequency parameters, and can measure the voltage, current distortion and harmonic content during the empty load test. , you can also perform vector analysis.
Product Features
1. Accurately measure the capacity of various distribution transformers, passive measurement, convenient and accurate.
2. The internal power supply automatically generates a three-phase high-power test power supply.
3. It can measure the no-load current, no-load loss, short-circuit voltage and short-circuit loss of various types of transformers.
4. Through the no-load test can accurately determine the model of the transformer under test, including: S7, S9, S11, S13, S15, dry change SCB9, SCB10, SCB11 and other types of transformers.
5. Automatic waveform distortion correction, temperature correction (provide simple temperature correction and additional loss correction respectively in two ways), voltage correction (no-load test under non-rated voltage), current correction (short-circuit test under non-rated current conditions ), It is very suitable for the unit that does not do the test condition of the short-circuit test of the transformer of a little capacity.
6. Measure voltage and current harmonic content and total harmonic distortion.
7. Perform simple vector analysis and draw vector diagrams.
8. Display the waveform of each electrical parameter and use it as an oscilloscope.
9. Wide voltage loop limit: The maximum voltage can be measured to 750V, and the accuracy can be guaranteed without shifting the gear position. The instrument itself will not be damaged due to the wrong selection of voltage range.
10. Capacity measurement range: 20kVA ~ 100000kVA.
11. The percentage of remaining battery capacity indicating function is not a simple loss alarm.
12. Large-screen, high-brightness color LCD display, all-Chinese menus and operating tips to achieve a friendly human-machine dialogue, conductive silicone touch keys to make the operation easier, longer button life.
13. The user can print out the test data at any time through the micro printer.
14. The test result storage function can store 200 sets of capacity test data.
Product parameters
1. Input feature active part:
Voltage measurement range: 0 ~ 10V.
Current measurement range: 0 ~ 10A.
Passive part:
Voltage measurement range: 0 ~ 750V wide limit.
Current measurement range: 0 ~ 100A All internal automatic switching range.
2. Accuracy voltage: ±0.5%.
Current: ±0.5%.
Power: ±0.5% (CosΦ>0.2), ±1.0% (0.02<CosΦ <0.2).
3. Working temperature: -10°C~+40°C
4 charging power supply: AC 160V ~ 260V
5. Insulation:
(1) The insulation resistance of the voltage and current input terminals to the chassis is ≥100MΩ.
(2) The input end of the working power source withstands 2kV (effective value) between the housings and lasts for 1 minute.

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