The 16th Shanghai International Packaging and Food Processing Technology Exhibition 2016 is in progress

May 5-7, 2016 Shanghai New International Expo Center

The 2016 16th Shanghai International Packaging and Food Processing Technology Exhibition (CHINA PACKTECH & FOODTECH) will be co-hosted by the China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association, China Packaging and Food Machinery Co., Ltd., and the French AiBo Exhibition Group. It was held on May 5-7 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center as scheduled. The exhibition covers the relevant equipment of the entire industrial chain:

● beer, beverage filling equipment, carbonated beverage mixing and cleaning, disinfection, sterilization equipment, transportation, loading and unloading boxes and palletizing storage and transportation equipment;

● dairy, milk, ice cream processing and packaging and aseptic filling equipment;

● meat processing, slaughter, refrigeration, fresh-keeping vacuum packaging equipment;

● Convenient foods, condiments, moon cakes, biscuits, cakes, candy processing and packaging production equipment;

● Packaging equipment, pulp molding, carton board, carton paper cup equipment, sealing labeling, shrinkage filling, strapping baler;

● Medical, health, daily chemical products processing and packaging equipment;

● Plastic bag machinery equipment, injection molding, bottle making, granulation blow molding equipment;

● Grease, bean product processing and packaging equipment;

● Commercial general equipment, hotel supplies, vending machines, stainless steel products, pipelines, valve pumps, variable speed transmission equipment, instruments and meters;

● all kinds of plastic film, composite, metal, paper packaging materials;

● Detection and coding printing, metal detection equipment.

CHINA PACKTECH & FOODTECH has held fifteen consecutive sessions at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Past exhibitions brought together many domestic and foreign companies with influence in food equipment and packaging equipment, and achieved a complete success. The exhibition will continue to be held in the same place with SIAL CHINA in the same period in the same period. The two major exhibitions will join forces and will be displayed in a super large scale with over 130,000 square meters. The professional audience is expected to exceed 60,000 people.

At present, the exhibition's bailout work goes smoothly. Wenzhou Hualian, Shantou Yuedong, Hangzhou Yongchuang, Shandong Bihai, Shanghai Pulisheng, Shijiazhuang Jinjin, Shanghai Xinglu, Shandong Ruifan, Xiaokang, Fonengda, Woodi, and Luyuan Many domestic and foreign companies that have influence in the food equipment and packaging equipment industry have exhibited at the exhibition, including Dajiang, Ai, Ouyi, Zongyi, Hengli, and Sikailong. The exhibition will be a great opportunity for professionals in the packaging and food machinery industry to meet new customers, learn about the industry’s latest technologies and gain new business opportunities.

This year, the exhibition will also increase Shanghai International Packaging Materials and Products Exhibition and Shanghai International Food Safety Expo. The exhibition will cover the whole food processing and finished product industry chain.

During the exhibition, the organizers will also hold the “Second China Food Safety Conference”, and will invite domestic industry experts to communicate with relevant counterparts on hot issues and cutting-edge technologies in the industry. At the same time, the product identity card helps the company to complete the whole process of retrospective issues, organize the industry in the coding, laser coding, tracking and tracing experts, explain the product identity card / two-dimensional code in the future production links, consumer applications, while This paper introduces the importance of two-dimensional code detection in the implementation of "one-one-one-code" link for "leakage code" and "missing code". The purpose is to provide the most complete two-dimensional code system solutions for the Chinese food exhibition site visitors to provide daily chemical, milk powder, food and other industries.

CHINA PACKTECH & FOODTECH will continue to maintain the characteristics of large scale, professionalism, many international exhibitors, audiences, high level seminars and practicality, and strive to continue to innovate on this basis to meet the rapid development of China's food equipment And packaging equipment industry needs. I believe this exhibition will surely become a real brand exhibition in the industry.

Please contact the organizing committee for detailed information on exhibition activities:

China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association, China Packaging and Food Machinery Co., Ltd.

Contact: Zhang Hongyu Hao Shuwei Zhao Xiangwen Chu Jun Wei Xu Tingting

Phone 64866828 64882564

Address: Mailbox No. 82, North Beach, Deshengmenwai, Beijing



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