How to renovate old cars

Nowadays, after driving for a few years, people want to give their cars the same as new cars. They don’t say anything when they drive out, and they look at their moods. However, when you use the car for a long time, it is not like the maintenance. It is related to the renovation of the old car. When we buy the car, we want to buy a new one. When we sell it, we want to buy a new one. I can sell a good price at a time. Then do you know how to renovate old cars ? What is the role of old car renovation?


Renovation method:

1. Renovate the outside of the car, first clean the car body, the universal cleaner cleans the dirt on the glass, paint surface and metal sheet, so that the appearance of the used car is completely new. There are many kinds of cleaning on the market. Some of them are specially used to clean the window. The ranger is specially used to clean the car paint. When you buy this, you can look at the function to buy, polish and wax the car paint, and sometimes you can paint directly.

2. Clean the oil on the engine surface and clean the brake system chassis, so that the car looks clean and fresh. And can extend the life of the engine.

3, some details of the body should also be carefully handled. Appearance details such as steel rings, bumpers, fenders, spoilers, plastic trim panels, and exhaust pipes.

4. Renovate the wheel rim, bumper and other places.

5. In the interior, the plastic and rubber parts of the instrument panel, door sill, and gear block should be cleaned with special cleaning liquid. The air outlet should be thoroughly brushed with a fine brush to avoid residual stains and hinder the normal operation of the air conditioner. . The car top, carpet and other flannel parts should be brushed with a neutral cleaning solution. The interior of the car can be waxed and brighter.

6, the oil spots on the wheel is generally difficult to clean, but must not be treated with strong acid, some businesses will use a strong acid cleaning solution, and then he is now looking at a lot of clean, but the wheel is corroded by strong acid, very It will be covered with rust and faster. At that time, if you go back to find him, they can't admit it, even if you clean it up again.

What is the use of old car refurbishment:

1, can sell a good price, people who do not understand will be very happy to think that they bought a new 90% of the car, in fact, it is a renovation, the car's performance and accessories are not replaced, because it is still old Therefore, the life is limited.

2, extend the use of the car, after renovating some parts of the car, you can extend the life.

3, attractive eyeballs, people choose the car with a clean and beautiful appearance when choosing, the refurbished appearance is very important. Second-hand cars are mainly for performance, but if the performance is good, the outside is not dirty. This is generally not bought, so it looks glamorous and more likely to create a desire to buy.


Some people use the refurbished used car accident car to deceive people. At this time, we must pay attention to it. Don't pay a big price and buy a refurbished car. If you want to buy a used car, you should know if there is an accident. Can the car be transferred, can you pass the annual inspection? After all, the annual inspection requirements are still very strict. In order to protect everyone's safety, some used cars cannot pass the annual inspection. It is mandatory to scrap. So be sure to pay attention when buying used cars. And the contract can't be signed casually. How to renovate the old car is finished.

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