· China's electric vehicle development ranks first in the world for the first time

On July 11th, international consulting firm Roland Berger and the famous German automotive research institute Aachen Automotive Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. jointly released the "Global Electric Vehicle Development Index for the Second Quarter of 2017" report on Tuesday, China's first electric vehicle development index. The overall ranking ranks first in the world and will lead the global electric vehicle industry and market in the future.
The report pointed out that despite the government's new energy policy tightening and weakening subsidies, China's electric vehicle and battery manufacturing market share will continue to maintain strong growth, further expanding its leading edge. The report makes a comprehensive comparison of the competitive situation of the world's major auto powers in the field of electric vehicles from the three dimensions of technology, industry and market. Overall, China ranked first in the overall ranking of the index, the United States and Germany ranked second and third, and Japan, which ranked first in the index in the previous quarter, lost its leading position. In particular, at the level of the industry, China is gradually expanding its leading edge. This is mainly due to the rapid growth of the market, the expansion of local market demand and the expansion of local auto demand, and the increase in the output of Chinese automakers as demand increases. Aspect factors.


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